God of War PSP Hands-on

Although many gamers assumed it would be difficult to port the God of War franchise to the PSP, it turns out that the portable version of the game is coming along very nicely.

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gololo3812d ago

Im glad that I got a PSP...more and more games are coming out for this handheld...the PSP is a late bloomer

Charlie26883812d ago

I cant wait for this game XD

hopefully by the time this comes out I wont be broke since there is a CRAP load of games to buy till then including FFT The Lion Wars, SP Logans Shadow and Castlevania for the PSP

LeonSKennedy4Life3812d ago

I signed up for the demo, but it hasn't come in yet.

Anyone else have this problem?

PlayStation3603812d ago (Edited 3812d ago )

I suspect if many people received their copy, we would start seeing comments like.... "GOT MINE, IT'S AWESOME!" Alas, I haven't read that comment as of now. :P So I guess many has yet to receive their demo aswell.

thereapersson3812d ago

Granted, it sucked a bit for the first year or so, but now there are many AAA handheld games, and a few of them came out last month or are coming out this month or in the next few.

Good time to own one!

Dmack793811d ago

How can I tell? I "GOT MINE, IT'S AWESOME!" jk I wish....