Analysts Analyze The $400 PlayStation 3

It's certainly a highly debatable position, but it makes sense. That said, I don't know if I can sign on to that -- I certainly think that being able to play PS2 games on PS3 is a big deal for prospective consumers, especially this early on in the cycle. But I seriously doubt that many of them are buying PS3 instead of PS2 for the express purpose of playing PS2 games.

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nasim4083d ago (Edited 4083d ago )

BTW tide in EU has already changed


BTW segamer ...what do u have to say now??

ur x360 is now dead in EU

@seBOT ....x360 is now finished after OCT 10

The price drop was expected to have some effect but not what we are seeing at the moment.

Lets go by an individual PAL region


SOLD OUT stores :-
7out of 72 ebgames shops in one state (NSW)
1 out of 3 ebgames shop in another state(NT)
10 out of 61 in another state(QLD)
3 out of 19 in this state(WA)

PS3 is at no3 on AMAZON UK's bestseller list
The top 25 is also dominated by 9 ps3 games. resistance is right up there at no 7.

PS3 is at no4 on HMV's bestseller list.
The top 15 contains 7 ps3 products including PS3 console and Resistance,Heavenly Sword and Motorstorm.

Gamestation has placed ps3 offers right on top because of its high sellout ratio


PS3 has captured the no1 spot on AMAZON FRANCE.

The top 100 contains over 10 ps3 products and accessories.

PS3 has been the biggest mover on AMAZON GERMAN chart

all the 3SKUS of ps3 are in the top 50 of Amazon de's chart
The top 3 product are ps3 controller,ps3 60gig (sole console) and Motorstorm. PES 2008 (ps3 version) ,resistance and F1 are right up there among the 10 best selling products. The 60 gig starter pack is at no 47 followed by 40 gig ps3 at no 48.

GFK estimates that over 300 000 ps3s were sold on October 10 in Europe. This is good news for ps3 no doubt but at the same time this also means that europeans are bading goodbye to x360 if not wii.

Microsoft announced a Halo 3bundle to stem the ps3 juggernaut but efforts disastrouly had no effect and ended up in vain.Although ps3 is found in all top charts of EU x360 console is nowhere to be found anymore .

This is a high time to say that the tide has turned and EU is transformed once again into SONYLAND

RIP x360.

BTW bot ps3 outsold x360 all over EU except UK before the price cut . Now x360 is full dead . NOt even halo 3 could stem the ps3 flow. and ur Halo 3 moved 0 consoles in EU on OCt 10 and from then onwards


x360 has sold just 11 million consoles till date vs 5.5 m ps3s till date......the diff is 5.5 m . However in EU expect ps3 to reach 5 m this year



ps3 in EU is like gold and this is why it outsold wii in most of the EU territories even at a very high price point . x360 is S*** and this is why no one buys garbage box 360 in EU except some tards in UK (very few BTW)

now with a price drop u can see the fate of x360. It has vanished from all lists . wii is there . PS3 is dominating but x360 is non existent


RIP x360

Dannagar4083d ago (Edited 4083d ago )

If you consider the Xbox 360 dead in Europe, than PS3 must be vapor ware. As I have mentioned before. I have all systems. And for reasons I've mentioned over and over, I favor Xbox 360. But that doesn't prevent me from enjoying games on all systems. I wouldn't seem so extreme on this site if Fanboys wouldn't drive me to the extreme to make a point.

@Hatchetforce, Yeap! PS3 fanboys do a good job of pulling the devil out of me. There's nothing that bugs me more that the whole Wait... wait... wait...

Hatchetforce4083d ago

Let me get this straight Segamer. Other people drive you too something? Other people determine your actions? Hmmm.... Let me see....

HarryEtTubMan4083d ago

No matter what u try to do and say about PS3 it's still goin to destroy 360 by millions and millions of system win both systems are done selling. 15 million consoles with all its biggest games released and a YEAR LEAD in the market.... the crapbox 360 clearly has no effect on the rest of the market. It interests nothing but 16 year little boys looking to play Halo.... and that barely sells any consoles... just a little in NA and that as far as it goes for Microsoft.

bym051d4083d ago

That is a well researched and well supported post. You may not be right, but at least you're backing up your post.

I'd give you bubbles if it were possible.

Nuch Vader4083d ago

I agree with the Analysts. BTW, HarryEtTubMan, Nazim, thanks for coming over the other night. It was fun playing with each others joysticks.

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TheExecutive4083d ago

"And while that may very well be true, Xbox 360 will have already had three holiday seasons without any serious competition by that time, and it could be much too late."

I dont get these kinds of comments. Its not like the 360 has sold 30 million more consoles than the PS3. The 360 has sold around 14 million consoles to date. That's hardly impressive and its not too late to make up a 9 million console gap. Especially if you consider the volume of last gen gamers.

Nuch Vader4083d ago

The gap is a hard game to fill when you are only selling 130k a month. Plus ultimately, it's software sales that matter and at this point, software sales on PS3 are terrible.

Vojkan4083d ago

Actually it is around 12 million.

TheExecutive4083d ago

@ Gaystation 3...

Right, but we are talking about making ground up, not the current state of the consoles. If you read above the quote i provided, they were talking about the heavy hitters for the ps brand next year. Then they put the snippet in about it may be too late.

You are right about the dismal ps sales, however, I still disagree that it may be too little too late by next winter, especially with MGS, KZ2, LBP, FF, GT and others like it coming out next year.

Nuch Vader4083d ago (Edited 4083d ago )

It's never too late for PS3. You might remember that during the end of the original Xbox, PS2 era, the Xbox started matching the PS2 in software sales. Even though it didn't have the same user base.

rubarb234083d ago

while i totally agree with you that it's not too little too late for the ps3, i have to say that although next year ps3 will have big games coming out for it, so will the 360. if the 360 keeps on bringing triple aaa games like they've been doing i don't think sony will catch up. notice how the ps3's software line up is average at best. what do they do to excite you guys? they tell you about what's coming next year. it seems sony likes to play the waiting game. it's like sony is telling you guys "if you stick with us, this is what your going to get next year" which is fine, but see that's what i love about the 360, they're delivering NOW. 360 is like "we're giving you the goods now and next year".
alot of ps3 owners taunt that the xbox 360 has nothing for 2008, to them i reply "fools". think about it for a second. the 360 is advertising what they have for this holiday season because they want to come out on top. they don't need to announce their games for 2008 as they want everyone to concentrate on holiday 2007. they want people to give games like mass effect the attention it deserves. sony is not in the same position cause they know their software lineup ain't killer like next years so that's why they give more attention to next year's lineup.
the way i see it is holiday 2007 belongs to the 360 and once 2008 starts ms starts showing off all their exclusive games they've kept secret to counter what sony has.

TheExecutive4083d ago

I understand your point and there is a lot of logic in it. I know the 360 has many great titles coming out next year, but I really can't see most of them matching games like MGS, FF, and GT in both hype and sales. One thing I think you are forgetting however, is that it isnt ONLY the games that sell systems, perceived value plays a large role in what you buy. The only problem I have with people stating that the 360 will keep ahead of the PS3 is that I dont believe that the 360 can keep up with the PS brand worldwide.

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Evil A Sulli4083d ago (Edited 4083d ago )

Sony its not fair the New Car stereos you sell don't allow me to play my Grand mother's 8 tracks.

How could you do such a thing Sony I had big plans for all that music.

And you ruined it "Whahh""Whahh;

hitthegspot4083d ago

I on the other hand own a PS2 and I have about 50 games. I'm not buying anymore PS2 games or upgrading to a PS3 until Sony gives me some Exclusive "AAA" ball....

Bloodmask4083d ago (Edited 4083d ago )

The problem with the PS3 is lack of well known IP's. They have no console movers for 2007.

Not to mention the PS3, even at $400, will "still" be the most expensive console. The entry price point for Wii is $250, and 360 $280 respectively.

The important things to the gaming market are "price" and "games catalogue". PS3 loses in "both" of these departments when compared to either Wii or Xbox 360. And for everyone claiming that PS3 can play catchup. It would have to outsell both "Wii and 360" by a "huge margin" for a year most likely. And seeing as how it can't even do that for "1 month" on a worlwide basis, catching up to the 360 and Wii install base is highly unlikely.

Both Wii and 360 will hit a "mass market" price of $200 long before the PS3 most likely will. This is the price the PS2 sold the most at. And it is most likely the time that Sony will be in hot water. Probably some time next year.

EZCheez4083d ago

The Elite is the most expensive console.

And when you talk about Sony being late to make the coveted $200 price point, that's a hard argument to make considering the console has already shaved off $200 off the original price in less than 1 year. Whether it's desperation or not, the fact is it is still $200 cheaper.

resistance1004083d ago

I disagree you have Gran Turismo, Singstar and Ratchet and Clank hiting europe this year, and all of which are big well known IPs, This will start the boost, followed in Early 2008 when you have the Mega Hits in MGS4, GT5, GTA, Socom, Wipeout etc

hitthegspot4083d ago

The PS3 is the most expensive console

XBOX 360 Elite 120 GB Hard drive = $449.99

Sony PlayStation 3 60 Gig = $499.99


Sony PlayStation 3 80GB with MotorStorm = $599.99

I really don't think MotorStorm is worth $100

Call me crazy...

EZCheez4083d ago

But if all consoles end up making a profit in this gen, would that make them all winners? Why do you have to sell more than the other to "win"? Besides, from the looks of things, all companies will have at least one more go around after this gen for another console. And I for one am extremely happy that Nintendo didn't turn into the next Sega. I just don't have it in my heart to root against a company that had a hand in some of the greatest games I ever played.

I'm all about competition, and I love that Microsoft and Sony try to outdo each other every day. We would never have Home to look forward to had Microsoft not shown Sony how online was done. And Microsoft will release a far more reliable console next time (and are trying to fix the current ones) because Sony and Nintendo have shown them how it's done.

I just get sick of hearing about people complain about Sony actually TRYING to give the consumer what they want. And I really do believe that. All I read in these articles for the last year was that the price was too high for the PS3. And I for one agreed. But now that the price is lower and more people can afford a next-gen console, let's stop looking for negatives in the $400 PS3 and just be happy that more people can actually afford it.

I am no longer the only person in my family that can afford a PS3! That's good news!

resistance1004083d ago

Good read there mate

More bubbles for you

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