White Knight Chronicles Worldwide Shipments Top 1 Million

Level-5′s MMORPG for the PS3 may not have been a runaway success like other system exclusives but the White Knight Chronicles series has accumulated a loyal following. According to Sony the franchise has managed to garner 1 million shipments worldwide with over half of those sales credited to Japan.

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GodofwarGoty2810d ago (Edited 2810d ago )

these is great to hear since the sequel is coming soon to america and europe ( and its already out in japan)

WildArmed2809d ago

Aye, Looking forward to the sequel.
Probably will replay WKC1 w/ the new combat system and stuff to get a better feel of the system.

Was a great game; that is if you chose to invest time into the MP.

The SP campaign was pretty weak, but like I've said again and again (I sound like a broken record) the MP was the saving grace for this awesome game.

Easily one of my best investments in games for the PS3

chidori6662809d ago

average game IMO.

Story is simplistic..and same old rescue the princess..

the game It could be better. However, it's still a "ok" game.

kevnb2809d ago

but the gameplay was terrible.

NaiNaiNai2809d ago

I have it right now.

Haven't played it in a few days. Kinda got bored after fighting the giant wolf demon lady thing. lol.

But I'll start playing again soon. I get the same feeling from this like when I played blue dragon.

WildArmed2809d ago

lol, You won't really get much out of the Single Player.

I highly encourage you to invest some time into the MP.
It was the saving grace for the game (imo)

Spent quite a good number of hours into the MP <3

Great game, looking forward to the sequel!

TheDivine2809d ago (Edited 2809d ago )

I loved blue dragon and hated wkc but i get what you mean niether quite lived up to the potential. White knight sucked badly, i was expecting an epic ff12 like game and got a slow fake mmorpg. The second looks great though hopefully its better. I heard they sped up combat so thats def good. Il plow through it though just so im up to speed for the second but i feel like i wasted 15 bux on this game. Again though if you like mmos youl dig wkc.

NaiNaiNai2809d ago

well I've tried getting online, but it tells me my character isn't allow online and then kicks me.

WildArmed2809d ago

Oh really?
Are you playing an imported version? (Jap)
Because I think you need a JP PSN account to get online.
Thou it shouldn't give you any issues if you are using the International Version.

Azianphil882809d ago

congratz to Sony and especially Level 5 on their milestone.
I'm looking forward to their sequel here in America.

BoNeSaW232809d ago

Title should read: White Knight Chronicles Franchise Has Only Sold 1 Million Worlwide!

Pretty poor for a having 4 games under it's belt. I have never played it and apparently most other gamers haven't either. I was excited before it launched because the PS3 didn't have many RPG's until I read reviews and watched videos of the boring ass combat. I'll pass on this series.

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The story is too old to be commented.