Top Ten Celebrity Gamers

From the likes of John Cena to Rihanna, Jack Black to Ricky Gervais, the spectrum of famous artists that confess to be fans of videogames is surely representative of the wide variety of audiences that dabble with the hobby these days. While some haven’t necessary followed the industry and other have only recently found their footing on current-generation systems, all of the below celebrities have professed their love of the hobby at one time or another.

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Kran2443d ago

This isn't a very good list.

Felicia Day is no where to be seen.

She should be number 1!

mathsman2443d ago

Felicia Day is famous BECAUSE she's a gamer, not a famous person who plays games. Outside of gaming circles, no one knows who she is.

Kran2443d ago


Im pretty sure shes done more than gaming things.

morganfell2443d ago

Also missing from the list is Daniel Craig. He has stated m ore than once that when his girl friend comes over and sees him with a controller she just leaves for a few hours.

bobrea2442d ago


Nothing good...

RedDragan2442d ago (Edited 2442d ago )

Not a very good list. If we are talking about level of fame then the Top 5 would consist only of football players.

5. Steven Garrard
4. Wayne Rooney
3. Lionel Messi
2. Cristiano Ronaldo
1. David Beckham (unfortunately)

These 5 people are more famous than Tom Cruise, or Barrack Obama, or Queen Elizabeth herself.

The fact is that in Africa, Asia, South America, North America and Europe these 5 people are known.

If you go to a Sudan refugee camp those people will have heard of these footballers but they will not have heard of america's movie stars, they will not know who the American president is and although they may know about the Queen they do not think of her.

You could argue that the entire Top 10 would just be football players, because they are the only true global stars that have fame in virtually every country on our planet.

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egidem2442d ago (Edited 2442d ago )

Where the hell is Matthew Perry?? He is a huge fan of Fallout 3.

Or more prominent people like Zach Levi from Chuck?

CaptainPunch2442d ago

No one knows who Felecia Day is, besides nerds.

RememberThe3572442d ago

I still don't know who the hell she is.

alexi_6662442d ago

who the hell is Felicia Day? o.O

PshycoNinja2442d ago

I just came for the boobs...

I am a terrible person.

Tru_Blu2442d ago

sad to say but yep.. saw boobs and clicked lol

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stonecold32443d ago

camerion diaz and rhianna for me

rabidpancakeburglar2443d ago

It would be pretty funny to have cameron diaz or megan fox up against the 13 years with mics in cod

Richard_Hammond2443d ago

That would be the end of their gaming

rabidpancakeburglar2443d ago

.....and the start of their fapping

Downtown boogey2443d ago

I think it's just funny that people believe they're gamers...

telekineticmantis2443d ago (Edited 2443d ago )

take her off the list, what about Michelle Rodriguez?

I love Michelle Rodriguez

ATiElite2442d ago

Megan Fox = the worlds sexiest chick that CAN'T act. She has ZERO acting Skills.

darksied2442d ago


Yeah right, keep telling yourself that.

Anyway, about her acting, you can't just dismiss people's acting ability without having given them something good. Give her a good part with decent dialog and THEN see how good she is. I, along with most people, have only ever seen her in Transformers, and that movie was laughably bad.

Eiffel2442d ago

No, FishCake9T4's right. She really isn't.

ATiElite2442d ago

OK some think Megan Fox may not be that Hot (ppl do have opinions) but she is definitely Do-able.

Either way she can't act but she is very Do-able!

NateCole2442d ago

Depends on your age i guess but she by normal convention of beauty is hot.

For me i see more natural beauty as hot but thats just me. Its different for different people.

damnyouretall2442d ago

whatever fishcake, youd lick the stink off her asshole just like the rest of us.

starcb262442d ago

Hot is like slutty, beautiful is a completely different thing.

Tru_Blu2442d ago

No need to act when you that hot ;)

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El-Fenemeno12132442d ago

yea Michelle Rodriguez should be on the list instead of her. She a real gamer and she fine 8-)

Spitfire_Riggz2442d ago (Edited 2442d ago )

Michelle Rodriguez is just a bad ass. Always playing an armored up swat member of some sort, killing aliens bad guys zombies stealing shit out of 18 wheelers (fast furious) driving AND playing video games?? I wanna hang out with HER

Djinn2442d ago


I agree dude. Seriously, I see chicks everyday who are hotter than here, maybe because I go to college. I just don't get love for her.

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PierceBrosnan2443d ago (Edited 2443d ago )

I'm quite a gamer myself.. Mostly play some CoD: Black Ops on weekends, Great fun. :)

Commander_TK2443d ago

Now if you'd just return as Bond.

guitarded772442d ago

Screw that, Sir Roger Moore all the way.

Convas2442d ago

Sean Connery says HI.

ATiElite2442d ago (Edited 2442d ago )

Bronsnan...Meh bring back George Lazenby.

On Her Majesty's Secret Bond title ever.

CrzyFooL2442d ago

Roger Moore got more pussy sir.

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