Prepare Yourself: Capcom Countdown Suggests Earth Shattering News Next Week

Mysterious countdown fueled by a company comment may suggest a PS3 exclusive to be revealed next week.

Okay so maybe that title was a tad exaggerated. But if you were to view the official Capcom-Unity website you would see a large earth-like sphere under the title "PREPARE YOURSELF," accompanied by a countdown which is set to run out early next week.

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lonestarmt4082d ago

ok well at least its official now that something is coming next week. All signs point to a ps3 game. I hope its onimusha 5

MK_Red4082d ago

Onimusha 5 would be awesome but what I really pray for is:
1.Dead Rising 2
2.Okami 2
3.Clock Tower 4

lonestarmt4082d ago

MK-red your a genius!! How did I forget about okami 2! I change my vote now. lol. Going way back with clock tower.

How can people disagree with what i said with my 1# comment? Its my opinion, some of you are just disagree happy..

The Wood4082d ago

would be sweet but wouldnt that need clover to be reformed

Panthers4082d ago

Above all else, I hope for a new game. The only Capcom game I really enjoy is Resident Evil.

Actually, now that I think about it, above all else, I hope for Resident Evil 5 coming out this year, but that aint gunna happen. So new game please!

xhi44081d ago

I read the 53 seconds and was like OMG NEARLY HERE! then i saw the 38 minutes and im like OH OMG STILL NEARLY HERE! Then i saw the 17 hours and was like.......oh, oh still pretty soon OMG OMG! And then.........finally.......i looked to the left and saw '3 days'.....and my heart sank. :(

Daytona4081d ago (Edited 4081d ago )

I'm guessing your educated enough to read, lol, so I'm thinking they've gone and redone there countdown. Delayed again. So as of now it's at 9am eastern time on wednesday the 17th in the USA. Lets see if that gets delayed again.

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TheExecutive4082d ago

Hmm, this is interesting indeed. Big bang, the moon slamming into the earth, did Sony get an exclusive? even further out, did they buy Capcom? There is definitely something going down, whether it is as big as buying a company or as small as an arcade game is yet to be determined. We all know how hyped small things can get...

EZCheez4082d ago

I will not be boarding this hype train. Even though it is obvious that something is coming, there is nothing definitive stating it is PS3 exclusive. Furthermore, it might not be that cool.

It really pays to look at thing like this as a pessimist. If it sucks, you already figured that much. If it doesn't suck, then the news is even better.

I invite people to join me and my newfound pessimistic attitude.

QuackPot4082d ago

Sony bringing Capcom into it's family of developers.

only a dream.

PS360PCROCKS4081d ago

For a pessimist, I'm pretty optimistic! :) lol sorry it's a Paramore song that I just happened to be listening to when I read your comment. But I totally agree that I am just waiting to see what it is rather than get excited

bluecapone4082d ago

hope its not another fightin game

power0919994082d ago

Capcom has bought Sony, and Microsoft.

They are releasing a new device called the XStation Wiicast 825.... :)

Either way I will be happy just as long as it's not another crappy Mega Man title.

Maybe something with Street Fighter?

felman874081d ago

Is there no way to stop capcom's tyranny?

supaet4082d ago

how does this point to ps3 exclusive?

TheExecutive4082d ago

"On the official Capcom forums, Christian Svensson, Sr. Director of Strategic Planning & Research for Capcom Entertainment Incorporated, replied to a comment made by a forum poster. The poster commented on the recent news of Capcom bringing Monster Hunter 3 to the Wii:

"Capcom is losing fans. They obviously don't care for their PS3-owner fans."

To that, Svensson replied:

"Let's see how they [PS3 owners] feel at the end of next week about us." "

supaet4082d ago

I know that forum post

but how does that suggest a ps3 exclusive?

it could be:

a new game on the ps3: they're happy

a new game not on the ps3: "if you guys are mad now, wait till next week"

could be anything, "let see how you guys feel next week" doesn't point to anything.

TheExecutive4082d ago

Yeah, it could be anything, I was just showing you where some may get that it has something to do with the PS3... who knows though, it really could be anything, or for that matter, nothing at all.

PlayStation3604082d ago (Edited 4082d ago )

if Capcom used a more accurate phrase, we could understand this more. Like if it was PS3 positive, they could have said "I'm sure the PS3 fans will forgive us next week." And if it was PS3 negative, "If they didn't like us now, next week they are gonna hate us." So the comment, "Let's see how they feel at the end of next week about us" could mean Anything.

I bet my money on positive PS3 news however, Capcom is a business company, PS3 owners are customers, Capcom wants money. It would not be smart or professional to make a comment that would end up alienating the PS3 fans. My opinion of course.

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