PSPenguin: The 3rd Birthday Review

The 3rd Birthday is absolutely not Parasite Eve 3. If this is what you were hoping for going in then it’s probably a good thing to forget that this game even has a slight connection to the earlier games. To make matters worse for fans it’s probably better to get rid of any hope that you’ll see a ‘true’ PE sequel ever. While it’s still certainly possible for fans of the past two games to find something enjoyable here I’m not sure I’d actually recommend it.

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Neko_Mega2535d ago

Person almost makes it sound like it was going to get a 4/5.

I don't know, I think a 4.5/5 would be more closer to what this game should get. Looks awesome for a PSP game and I think everyone knows it isn't P.E. 3.

pspenguin2535d ago

I write the review and depending on how the review sounds decides the score given. I thought it sounded like a 3 personally. Had the few explanations given story wise made any sense and the boss fight strategies differed more then yeah I probably would have given it a 4.

knifefight2535d ago

This game is broken and crappy.