Water levels can boil in hell

Over the entirety of my gaming career, water levels have generally ruined my overall experience. By either being excessively difficult or just a complete waste of time to extend the length of a game. So I'll go over some that were good and some that were bad.

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Solidus187-SCMilk2602d ago

but I especially hate levels where your in the sky. Jumping through the air on floating platforms is not cool at all.

Megaman X 1 had a sweet water level though. 2d Sonic water levels were the WORST.

banjadude2602d ago

I'm the exact same way. I hate water levels, but platforming levels.. in the sky are probably worse!


OhMyGandhi2602d ago

sonic water levels are definitely the worse.
there is nothing more aggravating then hearing that music that plays as you start to lose air.

Pillage052602d ago

Demon's souls has nothing on that Ninja Turtles level.

Rainstorm812602d ago

yea that ninja turtles level was the worst....i used to die alll the time on the pick electric seaweed....UGH the memories

Phantasm2602d ago

IMO... Half-Life 2 water hazard level is the best!

newn4gguy2602d ago

Good water levels:

Donkey Kong Country (All)
Kingdom Hearts (All)
Bioshock 2
Resistance 2 (On top of water)
Gears of War 2 (On top of water)

I honestly like the water level in Devil May Cry. It felt unique and actually a bit alarming because of what were swimming with you.

Raendom2602d ago (Edited 2602d ago )

Original Super Mario Bros.? For me that was really fun, also the music on that stage was epic.

Peaceful_Jelly2602d ago

The God of War series is literally the only game in existence that has water levels that you can say are "amazingly fun". But apparently not many of you has ever played a GOW game cus no one is mentioning it.

But more than water levels I hate the snow/ice levels.

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