Australia May Restrict Plasma and LCD TVs

An Australian government-commissioned report recently said that Plasma and LCD TV's consume more power than traditional CRT displays and thus strict regulations must be placed upon them.

The study and subsequent report came in answer to the government's Equipment Energy Efficiency Committee fact sheet that said these types of televisions are contributing to skyrocketing energy consumption in the country. It is speculated that they could overtake refrigerators, air conditioning units and washing machines as the major contributors to household greenhouse gases.

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Cat4058d ago

the first thing I thought of was what this group would think of a local electronics store stocked with rows of LCD and plasmas. ;)

Edit: Looks like Digital CEnergy is having their credibility questioned more than a little:

Syko4058d ago

I think 1984 should be mandatory reading for all people in all countries. Big brother is watching and is pushing to control all you say and do.

OK, So it's not that drastic but restricting LCD TV's. They have to much power for my taste.

Cat4058d ago

and CEnergy is Newspeak for we will control everything with a plug. i think people in government need to develop a healthy interest in something other than litigation. a hobby, if you will, don't they know they're supposed to golf?

Leo Atrox4058d ago

Really? Granted, I have never compared the numbers; but I find it hard to believe that LCD panels use more power than CRT's. Just looking at computer monitors, LCD's use significantly less power than CRT's. Are televisions really any different?

emaddox844058d ago

Yeah, I was under the impression that LCD TVs use the least power of all TVs currently on the market. I mean, I guess if you have a 60" LCD TV, it's gonna use more than a 12" CRT. But inch for inch, it's less wattage.

Close_Second4058d ago

...I for one support this move as consumers need to become more energy conscious. The bigger the screen the more energy it will consume - simple as that.

Households need to start thinking about their energy use. You can't simply keep bringing more and more power consuming devices into the home without thinking about the impact it might have - especially with global warming becoming a real issue.

This will be the first of many moves that will be taken to combat global warming.

level 3604057d ago

One way to see is to check your power meters for consumption/electricity bills...