Full Profile Blu-ray Players Coming Soon

Later this month, LG will introduce their second-generation dual format player, which will also be the first Blu-ray stand-alone player to be compliant with the new Profile v1.1 spec. The new profile allows for Blu-ray movies to display a picture-in-picture experience via additional video and audio decoders. The LG player is also expected to be Profile v2.0 - or BD-Live - capable due to its Ethernet connection.

As we reported earlier, Sony is expected to make the PS3 Profile v1.1 compliant with the next firmware update. With the built-in Ethernet connection, it is also expected that the PS3 will receive Profile v2.0 when required by upcoming titles.

At CES, Pioneer will debut their "full-profile" player. Daewoo and Denon are also expected to release their new players soon. Daewoo recently displayed a Profile v2.0 player at IFA and Denon previously announced that their first Blu-ray player would be Profile v1.1 compliant.

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pwnsause4052d ago

once this gets fixed BD will be up to par to HD-DVD and people wont talk crap about it.

RunamukK4052d ago

Who even cares about pip and all of these features? i just want a crisp picture. Go Blu-Ray!!!

cuco334052d ago (Edited 4052d ago )

What's going to suck is all current BD stand alone owners are going to get shafted when they realize their avgeraged $1000 player can't be upgraded or use the extra features. And no it's not just an easy software upgrade since some of these profiles have hardware requirements too.

To some that's a must, to others it's not. But this unfinished spec has already taken it's toll (reference Fox's 6month dry spell release of 2 BD movies which don't play on current Samsung and LG players due to BD+)

I know PS3 can be upgraded to BD1.1, but not sure how they'll do it for BD2.0 since 2.0 profile requires 1gb of flash memory. Unless they use the HDD, PS3's max BD potential will be BD1.1.

EDIT: to below.
No one knows if PS3 will be BD1.1, let alone BD2.0. There has not been any announcements that it will be BD1.1 yet. I mentioned it has the stuff for BD1.1 and all we can do is speculate and assume that it will do so. But it doesn't have the guts for BD2.0 mainly on memory UNLESS they use the HDD as 'flash' memory.

BTW, here is the exact hardware spec needed for BD1.1 and BD2.0 profiles
***************************** ******************************* *******
Profile 1.1 : 256mb of FlashRam for storage, Secondary PIP video decoder (IME style)
Profile 2.0 : 1gb of FlashRam for storage, Secondary PIP Video Decoder, Ethernet Port (web feature)
***************************** ******************************* *******

frizshizzle4052d ago

The PS3 can do 2.0 it doesn't have to be flash it can be any kind of persistent memory, that includes hard drives.

pwnsause4052d ago

i think they even though profile 2.0 is optional, I think companies are going to start making the jump to 2.0 now so things like this never happens again.