Poll: What makes you a better FPS player?

Gamers blame not knowing the maps, blame not playing for a while, or that they just sucked, or blame the random teams they were put into, but most gamers realize that there was probably some truth to all of the above. What exactly people think is the most important factor to be successful at playing and winning at first person shooters?

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drunkpandas4082d ago

I think it's controls. You have to be able to aim properly and jump/strafe when needed to avoid getting hit

fenderputty4082d ago

but, all the skill in the world won't help you if you don't know the maps and are on a crappy team.

Rooted_Dust4082d ago

Being good at multiplayer gaming incorporates more factors than just individual skill. You also have to take into account the players ability to work cohesively with his team and their knowledge of the game (Levels, weapon uses and locations).

taz80804082d ago

are just point and click shooters but if you play against people that know what they are doing there is a lot of strategy involved to master them. A team that knows how to play and use all the tools at heir disposal will undoubtedly rockk those that just run out gung ho and try to mow people down.

gamesR4fun4082d ago

Nothing feeling like being #1 (on the odd round) more than knowing you did it on skill.

EZCheez4082d ago

Coursing through my veins.

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The story is too old to be commented.