Trademark hints at new Square Enix title: Lord Of Vermillion

Square Enix has registered the trademark Lord of Vermillion with the Japanese patent office, possibly meaning the Japanese developer-publisher is preparing to announce a new title in the near future.

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SIX3814d ago

This is going way back to the Sega Genesis. I wonder if it's a sequel.

CyberSentinel3813d ago

Was a great Sega genesis game back in the days. I hope this is just as good as that original first person perspective rpg was back then.

Real gamer 4 life3814d ago

its porbably going to be a remake of the old version which will end up on a portable either the Ds or the psp.

Bloodmask3814d ago

The old version was made by Sega. And they own the rights to the franchise. It was released on the Sega Genesis.

unlimited3814d ago

im glad they makin new ip game but they need to concentrate finishing up final fantasy VIII and versus

Baba19063814d ago

u mean XIII hihi. but yeah you are right.

PopEmUp3814d ago

they better not fooling around cause I want that ff they're promising

Drunken Moogle3813d ago

I'm thinking Parasite Eve Lord of Vermillion sounds good.Maybe too good do I know something i'll never tell.