Half-Life 2: Episode Two - Palgn Review Gives 9.5/10

Episode Two is full to the brim with 'moments', all of which are entirely memorable. From being suddenly ambushed in an abandoned house to the previously unseen style of action that is tearing around in a beat up old car as you protect a missile silo from a group of invading War of the Worlds-esque Striders, each is as memorable as the next.

The art design behind the game is incredibly strong. Combine forces ooze an organic meets robotic otherworldliness that elicits a discomfort that you can't quite put your finger on, especially the Advisors who we've seen only briefly before but have more of a showing here. The types of impressive set pieces for which Valve has become well known are laid out in spades. There's collapsing bridges, barn houses that splinter and collapse under Striders fire, and of course the ever present vista of a dying City 17, Combine portal forming above. All of this adds to both the awe that you feel and the sense that you're taking part in a world that is alive, a near perfect simulacra rather than invented reality.

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kamisama4085d ago

A must buy for anyone that really wants to be immersed in a great game

Baba19064085d ago

when will the orange box come to ps3 ? =(

AngryHippo4085d ago

....December sometime i think dude.

Baba19064085d ago

damn... well hope it comes soon. but looks like a must have.

picker3324085d ago

look's like the same as the rest of the hl2 games (boring & lastgen grapic)
It's maby becouse i've play'd too many hl2 mod's that is the same as hl2 game.It's look's like they only modified the map's wich is easy.
That's about it,No improved grapic & the same old lame ass ugly gun's.
My opinion!

Rooted_Dust4085d ago

Your opinion is your opinion, even if it is misinformed and off base, but I still wouldn't expect many sympathizers if I were you.