Tetsuya Mizuguchi demos Child of Eden at BAFTAs

DGAPSHDR went down to see Tetsuya Mizuguchi demo Child of Eden at the BAFTAs developer Q&A session.

Post contains videos of Tetsuya Mizuguchi playing a new level Child of Eden.

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Pedobear Rocks2726d ago

Hey Tetsuya...if the PS3 version is not out day and date with this version you can kiss 1 sale goodbye. If you're going to be multiplat stop sucking the publisher exclusivity teat.

StifflerK2726d ago

It's not his fault - Sony never sent him a development kit for Move (until after E3) - at least he's putting Move compatability in.

M4I0N32726d ago

whow, this game is so beautiful, i just got lost into the environment. I gotta say the creator is a genius.