Project Offset - New Screenshots

Offset Software has just revealed 6 new screenshots showing off more of Project Offset, the upcoming Offset Engine based first-person shooter for Xbox 360 and PC set in an epic fantasy world.

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MK_Red3907d ago

I'm speechless. Awesome find, post and screens.

green_ghost53907d ago

Nice find, I really do hope they make this for the 360, it hasn't been confirmed, hopefully it will! this game will be amazing!!!

bababrooks3907d ago

"As of this writing, Project Offset (working title) is planned for released on windows-based PCs and Xbox 360" as per faq page on project offset website. this game looks great.

Nicosia3907d ago

even with the alpha build they showed it looked awsome, this is going to rock.

RealityCheck3907d ago

Nice screenshots. However I remained a little cautious after having been hyped by nice screenshots before that did not result in fun gameplay. Worth following and I am looking forward to a hands-on demo.

power of Green 3907d ago

The gameplay is very next-gen you should find the gameplay video ofcourse the gamplay will be improved but it was still impressive.

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The story is too old to be commented.