Game Informer Cover: Tim Schafer's Brutal Legend exposed with Jack Black

The next game from Psychonauts creator Tim Schafer and studio Double Fine has finally been revealed as 'Brutal Legend', on the cover of US Game Informer magazine.


Check the cover here:

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MK_Red4081d ago

Tim Schafer rules and Psychonauts was easily one of the best games of all time. Can't for more Brutal Legend info and while I'm not a JB fan, I think this game will ROCK.

RealityCheck4081d ago (Edited 4081d ago )

Psychonauts and Okami are the two best games very few people played in recent memory.

I won't go into details, you can easily research it, part of Psychonauts downfall was how it was handled early on with publisher\marketing. Hopefully Tim learned a lesson there and it will be handled better this time around.

I'm looking forward to his new game but to be honest part of me was hoping for a Psychonauts sequel. They could even have done a re-release of the first Psychonauts at the same time just like Valve is doing with HL2 Ep1 and 2.

MK_Red4081d ago

Superb idea about Psychonauts re-release.

It's sad beyond measure how people missed Okami and Psychonauts.