New Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City concept art shows Leon getting killed

Capcom, via Resident Evil’s official Facebook page, has just revealed the full verson of the artwork that has been featured on the cover of OXM showing off the hooded Vector. Now you can check out Vector along with his other USS squadmates: Beltway, Bertha and Spectre. And apart from featuring zombies, this piece of artwork also lets fan see Leon getting his throat slit by Vector. That’s gotta hurt.

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an0nym0us2782d ago

What NO! Well i guess i`m not buying the game then....

sinncross2782d ago

I'm not too sure why Capcom are making this game work in such a way where RE history can be changed.
Just work on making a compelling story from another POV during the events of RE2 and 3... it does not get simpler than that.

malamdra2781d ago (Edited 2781d ago )

how can he die if it takes place before RE4?

if they do it it might cause a time paradox that will in make all of us explode like in Timecop

Heartnet2781d ago

They could do that lol since if it followed storyline u cudnt make any1 surprised since u know what happens at the end and what if anything changes

captain-obvious2781d ago

where is he in that pic "getting killed" ????

i dont see him

phinch2780d ago

concept art, like the famous pic from resi 4 where leons head is being cut off by the chain saw guy..... god people read into it too much

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MidnytRain2782d ago (Edited 2782d ago )

I would think you would want to know how it ends for your beloved character. Anyway, this would be hard to believe. Why would they show the main character's ultimate demise on the cover of a magazine? That's bad marketing and would probably give away the story. He either won't die or he survives somehow.

maddfoxx2780d ago

How do they even know thats Leon? It doesnt show is face and Capcom hasn't confirmed it. Hell, back then Leon still had blond hair so Im sure that isnt him. Pretty sure the writer just made that up to get more hits for his website.

RedDead2780d ago

Pretty sure that's leon, and he has always had brown hair, google it.

Also his RPD uniform is the same/

Also, this game isn't Cannon so don't bother with the story.

I would like to point out that RE1 and 2 had different versions of what happened. The accepted parts get brought into new games. For example in RE1 Chris and Barry could both die. However the accepted and put forward cannon version is they live. This game could be the same, you fail to kill Leon or succeed, however the cannon version will be you failing to kill.

ButterToast2780d ago

It could be another RPD Officer. just a thought. but I like the idea of having different possible outcomes.

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Shazz2782d ago

cant help but think that capcom are gonna sink the resi franchise .

BK-2012781d ago (Edited 2781d ago )

can't help but think Capcom is done, period.

TheDeadMetalhead2781d ago (Edited 2781d ago )

Let's see:

Mega Man? Pretty much done. Universe canceled, Legends 3 going to get canceled.

Resident Evil? Oh yeah, it was done as soon as RE5 released.


Ace Attorney? AAI2 Japan only.

All they have left are their Fighting games which they are currently milking dry. Of course, as soon as Ono gets sick of them and leaves, they'll intentionally ruin Street Fighter just to spite him like they did with the others. Thanks for ruining my childhood, Capcom.

Quagmire2781d ago

I dont get it, why is leon getting killed so important? Ive only played 5, but I want to play 4, so no spoilers please.

Pozzle2781d ago

Mostly because he (along with Chris, Jill and Claire) is one of the main RE protagonists, so it sucks seeing Capcom treating him so crappily after he's been such an integral part of the series for so long.

Solidus187-SCMilk2781d ago

and we also know that Leon doesn't die in that time period because of RE 2 ending and hes in RE 4(takes place after RE2/3 and this game).

DarkBlood2782d ago

hell no im going to protect leon and not kill him