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Submitted by SwilloTGL 1765d ago | interview

BF3 Producer: "We’re market leaders in this type of multiplayer." Multiplayer reveal will be "Epic".

"Battlefield 3 is mind blowing. We know because DICE showed us themselves. Earlier this week TGL were in London for an exclusive first peek at Battlefield 3 in action and the early results are quite simply astonishing. We could well be about to say hello to the new king of the contemporary shooter.

We caught up the Battlefield 3’s Producer Patrick Bach to talk about all things BF3." (Battlefield 3, EA, Patrick Bach, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

DA_SHREDDER  +   1765d ago
They are gonna pull a microsoft and market the pc version of the game and then put a 360 logo on it. lol
Pandamobile  +   1765d ago
When have you ever seen the 360 logo at the end of a Battlefield trailer?
peowpeow  +   1765d ago
I don't think they would do that
PRHB HYBRiiD  +   1765d ago wonder u only have one tiny little mini bubble :l
metsgaming  +   1765d ago
Cant wait this will be an amazing game.
Parapraxis  +   1765d ago
Disagrees, are clearly from non-gamers.
This is N4G people, News for GAMERS, disagreeing with comments like metsb made is simply stupid.

Bubbles up as I agree metsb!
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wwm0nkey  +   1765d ago
Can't wait for E3, hopefully they have a behind closed doors demo I can sneak into again :D
Naruto_Uzumaki  +   1765d ago
to bad consoles gets 24 players online instead of 64 players online since pc gets 64 players online....
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jriquelme_paraguay  +   1765d ago
no... im fine. I enjoy my 24 players on Bad Company 2.
Still incredible inmersive and adictive

if i want more players, play MAG... (256)


Run & Gun? CoD
Alternative? Crysis 2

and comming soon, Resistance 3, and Twisted Metal (not FPS but Epic)
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BlackTar187  +   1765d ago
64v64 is where its at. I can't wait :)


Sorry that's what i meant im on my blackberry and got carried away.
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Agent-86  +   1765d ago
PC will be supporting 64 players TOTAL, so it will be 32v32.

Edit: No problem, I am also eagerly awaiting this game. It's easy to get carried away. :)
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metsgaming  +   1765d ago
But you dont want the game to feel to crowded to the point where if you cant go anywhere without dying. I feel the smaller the amount of people its better but it all depends on map design and spawning. The pc will have bigger maps (i think) thus can handle the more players with out it feeling so crowded. If they tried to keep that many players with the smaller maps it would be horrible.
joydestroy  +   1765d ago
64 players is gonna be so EPIC!
pretty excited about this game
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Parapraxis  +   1765d ago
As long as the experience is good I'm fine with 24.
PRHB HYBRiiD  +   1765d ago
24 is not that bad yesterday i was playing and that shit felt like a real war...snipers shooting guys in tanks noobtubes buildings falling men that was hell and that was only 12 vs 12 imagine 32 vs 32 :o *boner*
DeadlyFire  +   1764d ago
64 players is choas. Its where the action is at. 32 players on a typical game is great fun and all. 64 players you will see someone everytime you turn a corner. Always some adrenaline going. I can't imagine the type of hell Jets are going to be on the battlefield.
BeastlyRig  +   1765d ago
"Multiplayer reveal will be "Epic"."

I believe them!!

I have to say for The PC gamers This could be one of those memories we might look back on in the year 2018 & say "remember toughs days? it was sooo epic!!"

of Course BF6 will be awsome in the future..
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Mr Tretton  +   1765d ago
Go Battlefield!
enkeixpress  +   1765d ago
Well... That remains to be seen.
C_Menz  +   1765d ago
Wish that high end computers didn't cost so much money... I would still be a PC gamer if I didn't have to drop $800+ every 5 of so years just for a PC. I know consoles are around $300-400, but that $4-500 difference is about a year or two of games.

Either way I am getting BF3 on my ps3 for my "online shooter" to go along with Uncharted 3 for my multiplayer fix this winter.
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N4Gsukballs  +   1765d ago
i understand your point. but if you werent such a cheap ass you would be happier.
RioKing  +   1765d ago
Maybe he pays for his shit...not his mommy and daddy.
C_Menz  +   1765d ago
Cheap? I would hardly call myself cheap for not wanting to plop down a significant amount of my income just for a computer that I have to continually upgrade. Not everyone can afford a house, car, insurance, college, and gaming all at once.
starchild  +   1765d ago
People always over-exaggerate how expensive PC gaming is.

If you build an $800 gaming PC today I seriously doubt that you would have to spend another $800 to upgrade in 5 years.

Your case, power supply, motherboard, optical drive and hard drive will likely not need to be upgraded. If you buy a decent motherboard and power supply today you should only have to buy a new graphics card (and maybe a new processor) in 3 to 5 years. The cost will still likely be less than buying the new consoles, and performance will be greater.
Baka-akaB  +   1765d ago
people exagerate in both sides .

PC are nowhere as expensive as usually advertized on gaming sites .

But pc arent immortal machines neither , and this is where it might get a tad expensive . Once everywhile hdd can die , or a graphic card or any other part , between the span of those years .

Also I know it was a vague example , but i doubt you'd be happy with a radeon 2000 with a few of the current and upcoming games (like the witcher 2) . So you do need to changes some pieces and add new ram once everywhile .

Still pci express came about what 7 years ago ? Among other standards (usually mostly the ram and mainboard chipsets than change the most often) .. It's more than enough time to find good pieces at a low enough prices .
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BeastlyRig  +   1765d ago
$400 - 500 my ass!! lol My Ps3 cost me $600 plus two games $720 never again am I buying a console @ launch!

I just replace my motherboard, cpu & gpu..

my 1000w power supply & case will last long and won't need to be upgraded!

I'll be spending about $650 to upgrade next gen!

for now I could spend $250 & just stick a gtx 560 in in my system..

One thing about PC gamers we know how to shop!
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TheFreak  +   1764d ago
Clearly not since you payed 600 for a console...
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DERKADER  +   1765d ago
"We feel a bit sad that no-one is really trying to set a new tone. That’s what we’re trying to do and everyone is still building games based on five-year-old consoles – that’s quite sad." Patrick Bach,DICE.

This make me feel better after what happened with Crysis 2. Only now 2 weeks after launch do we get confirmation of a DX11 patch.
N4Gsukballs  +   1765d ago
Agreed. i still giggle @ all the fanboys war over 6 year tech.
N4Gsukballs  +   1765d ago
@RioKing26 Was That a self diss or aimed @ me?
younglj01  +   1765d ago
wow good read..
Yo Mama  +   1765d ago
I really hope the multiplayer in BF3 is better than BC2. I, honestly, don't see why people liked it so much. Sure, for the first hour or so I thought it was cool because it was different than MW2. But, in the end, I just got really tired of running across the whole map looking for other players, just to get sniped and have to do it all over again. It literally felt like I was the only person playing at times. The maps are way too big & the control ability is kinda stiff. It shouldn't be that hard to run in a straight line or up a flight of stairs without getting stuck on the corner of them.

I just hope they fix a lot of the problems and make the maps a lot smaller so it doesn't feel like I'm in the middle of GTA4 searching for someone to kill.
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ATiElite  +   1765d ago
Core i5 2500K @ 4ghz
Asus P8p67 Revolution Mobo
Corsair 128GB SSD
8 GB DDR 3 1600 Ram
2 Gigabyte 560 GTX SLi @ 1000mhz
3 23" HP LCD monitors
Thermaltake Tt eSPORTS KB/M

all I need now is Red Orchestra 2 to hold me over until Battlefield 3.
captain-obvious  +   1765d ago
when is Red Orchestra 2 coming out ??
ATiElite  +   1765d ago
Still no official release date but interviews with the Devs point to Q3 which is June July or August.

The game is finished. they are just touching it up.
gypsygib  +   1765d ago
I think they should lay off the self-promotion, it's getting old. Still buying the game but they're trying too hard, in terms of gameplay COD isn't hard to beat, Battlefield just needs word of mouth to spread.
BeastlyRig  +   1764d ago
" I hope that, because we are a bit fed up. We feel a bit sad that no-one is really trying to set a new tone. That’s what we’re trying to do and everyone is still building games based on five-year-old consoles – that’s quite sad. Of course theres good reasons for it; because it’s super expensive otherwise, but we’re trying to focus on what is scalable.
Most of the system, since we’re building it [Battlefield 3] for the high-end PCs – which no-one is really trying to do nowadays – we’re finding out that there is so much more that you can do for the consoles."

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