WET: Animations Montage

A new collection of slicing and shooting in the distinct art style that influences the game.

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Young Capwn3718d ago

so far looks pretty intresting

HeartlesskizZ3718d ago

I want this game, Ill enjoy it better then TR.
I like the touch of kill bill mix with sincity with the animation =)

dachiefsman3717d ago

yea I agree I wasn't a big Tomb Raider fan but this grittier stuff is right up my alley

grimygunz3717d ago

First Stranglehold now this

It is the return of the GOOD Third person Action Shooter

kingofps33717d ago

I will give her a shot, unlike you bastards. lol

HeartlesskizZ3717d ago

I dont know who disagree with me but you must be a no brain person