10 Games that should be banned instead of Manhunt 2

Pro-G writes: "Read on BBFC guys, you might learn something: When the news filtered into Pro-G HQ that the BBFC had banned the toned down version of gory action game Manhunt 2 despite it being cleared for release in the US, it got us to thinking. As ridiculous a situation as this is, we believe that some games do deserve to be banned, and that being an adult is not enough to help us separate the real from the virtual.

"The only problem with the Manhunt 2 thing is the BBFC has banned the wrong game. Here we compile the Top 10 games the BBFC should ban instead of Manhunt 2, on account of them scarring our lives forever with bad game design, poor graphics and, well, just being wrong."

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btkadams3961d ago


i agree but dont agree. its a poorly written article. it seems to go on forever. we get the point by number 9.

monkey6023961d ago

I dont know wheter i loved or hated that list. It was funny but so pointlessly stupid at the same time.

anh_duong3961d ago (Edited 3960d ago )

"rub rub rabbits" for the ds should be banned.. i mean the title says it all really: beastiality with rabbits.. what is this world turning into.

deathtok3960d ago

I get what they are going for but this is poorly written.

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