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Why Atmospheric Horror Games Fail at the Register

VGW's Jen Bosier: "Part of what diminishes games like the F.E.A.R. series and Dead Space is that while I may worry about conserving ammunition, I’m still packing a gun. Or a shotgun, or a damn rocket launcher. The challenge is “how am I going to kill this thing with my extensive arsenal of kickassery,” rather than “how do I survive this?” (Clock Tower, F.3.A.R, PC, PS2, PS3, Xbox 360)

rrquinta  +   1395d ago
Really interesting article, and I think you definitely have hit a major point.
SeraphimBlade  +   1395d ago
I think she hit the nail on the head with the "boring middle third" thing. That happens to me a LOT in horror games.
darx  +   1395d ago
Makes sense
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DrewBeyond  +   1395d ago
I'd like to see a game like Silent Hill take the Heavy Rain approach. Make it about the experience, not conserving ammo and taking a 2x4 upside a faceless army of nurses. I think Alan Wake faltered for the same reason. By halfway through, I was so sick of killing a small nation worth of shadowy figures to get to the next story part. Much creepier to avoid than to confront. Amensia proved this even though I think that game's creepiness came from sound design.
nskrishna2  +   1395d ago
A horror game (or an horror movie too) depends on its sounds for the effect...
Lets take The Shining as an example..
Jack Nicholson's acting is scary...and it was enhanced by its sounds...
nskrishna2  +   1395d ago
What an article...kudos to the writer
BaYo182  +   1395d ago
Good article, the only game i remember being scary along with Silent Hill 2 was the original Fatal Frame.i remember seeing the cover of the game saying it was based on a true story.. That is what made the game so creepy! i have yet to play the other FF games!
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