School shooter played less violent Guild Wars, not Halo 3

A classmate of the 14-year Cleveland school shooter said that the gunman played the Teen-rated game Guild Wars and specifically did not play Halo 3.

Jack Thompson, take note: Guild Wars is a bloodless MMORPG. So, yes, Asa Coon did game. Yes, he did listen to Marilyn Manson music. He even wore a Manson t-shirt and black fingernail polish when he walked into school with his .38-calibre revolvers. But, there is no way that you can blame this on Halo or video game violence. Not this time.

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stunt2134081d ago

WTF??? Im sick of hearing if there is shooting people just blame video games, its f*cking retarded. Video games has nothing to do with all of these shooting incidents

SwiderMan4081d ago

Which is exactly what the story says. He fit the stereotype of a goth gamer reject, minus playing FPS games. Violent games had nothing to do with it.

nye19654081d ago

Someone can actually agree that video games aren't the evil people make them out to be. I am from the Cleveland area and I see it as the system failed this child. I know every one can't always be saved but all the signs of touble were there.

MJ230074081d ago

OMG, WE MUST BAN guild wars from every child!!!! OMG hurry call and write your senator. WE MUST KEEP CHildren away from those horrible games!!!!!

jack who4081d ago

i shot a bird last nite....i blame Jack Thompson.

sumfood4u4081d ago

No Halo 3 was involved! It Marilyn Manson an His Breast that corputed the shooter! Jack Thompson needs to shut his pie~hole on this Shooting!

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The story is too old to be commented.