Far From Bloodless: Hitman Movie To Embrace R Rating

Studio sources tell Brian at Kotaku that yesterday's rumor that Hitman was getting de-gored so it could catch a PG-13 rating were just that: Rumors.

The sources tell him that director Xavier Gens is still working on the film and that Nicholas De Toth has just been brought in as a consultant not as THE editor.

In fact there will likely be a team of editors involved in working with the film. More importantly I'm told that the studio realizes that to capture the essence of Agent 47 they have to make an R-rated film and that's definitely what the studio expects the film to get when it hits the MPAA "soon." In fact they are "embracing" the R.

While Brian takes this latest revelation with a healthy dose of anti-spin skepticism he is, once more, giddy with anticipation.

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MK_Red4083d ago

Awesome news. Glad to hear, hope they make it as violent as possible.