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Submitted by MAJ0R 1767d ago | news

Splinter Cell Trilogy HD Comparison pics released

Splinter Cell HD Collection will be making its way to the PS3 on June 21st here in the US. The HD trilogy contains the first three Tom Clancy Splinter Cell games remastered in HD, and is exclusive to the PlayStation 3. Today, Ubisoft has released 7 Comparison pics showing the differences between the original versions and their new remastered versions. (PS3, Splinter Cell Trilogy, Ubisoft)

waltyftm  +   1767d ago
Very nice , Looks crisp and clean with a lot of extra detail, Always loved the original Xbox version and these look like they will do it justice.
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HeavenlySnipes  +   1767d ago
Therealspy03  +   1767d ago
would love to see an xbox vs ps2 vs ps3 comparison.
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cakeisalie  +   1767d ago
"Tom Clancy Splinter Cell games remastered in HD, and is exclusive to the PlayStation 3. "

Unless the redid the textures on these, PC version was HD way back when they were releasd. Console gamers just only caught up.

Also its funny they say console gaming is cheap when i would imagine the person who orignally bought it on PC can still play his copy upgraded in full 1080p for free. Anyone who bought it for PS2 now cant play the game on the PS3 and must buy a HD edition on the PS3 lol. Sooner or later they might have to buy the same game again remastered on the PS4 since it may not play PS3 games.

Moral of story PC gamers library simply keeps growing, console gamers have to keep buying the same game again and again.
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Pedobear Rocks  +   1767d ago
These ARE the PC versions that have been polished up. So...PS3 owners are not rebuying a game they played on PS2...they are buying a polished up PC game.
cakeisalie  +   1767d ago
Still its as if they bought the game 2x to catch up to PC gamers lol, whats funny they arent even sure if these hd remakes will work on the next box, at which point they might have to buy the game 3rd time. Console gaming sure is cheap lol.
DigitalAnalog  +   1767d ago
What kind of HD are you infering to?
Because as far as I'm concerned, they didn't have native widescreen HD back then. I don't know if they have the support now.

But more importantly, is this remastering running at 60FPS? Unless, the developers intended to remain 30FPS (for a good reason) then there's really no incentive to purchase this game as it is already available for cheap on Steam.


You make it sound as the concept repurchasing products is something new. How many times have people rebought films from VHS to LD's right down to Blu-ray? The whole point of "re-mastering" games is for current gen gamers who can't be bothered to buy a previous gen console (let alone find these games at this day an age in mint condition) to play them for either:

- To catch up on a storyline where sequel is a current gen game.

- Having to overlook these games back when they didn't have much of a following.

It's a very viable business proposition and I don't see any reason why there are negative aspects to this.

-End statement
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Tony-Red-Grave  +   1767d ago
"Sooner or later they might have to buy the same game again remastered on the PS4 since it may not play PS3 games."

and you know that how? the games dont need to be remastered on the next console since they only neeed to be brought back for HD and trophies. For all we know the next console could support ps3 and ps2 ames, of course though we DON'T know.

"Moral of story PC gamers library simply keeps growing, console gamers have to keep buying the same game again and again."

see there you go again spewing nonsense you don't know that we have to buy the same game. As for having a growing library good because i just started pc gaming and id be bored if it didn't have any useful games.

But saying pc gaming is cheaper is just wrong, maybe in terms of software, with almost every new game PCs need to be upgraded to be able to play, almost like pay to play. Now again maybe in terms of software PCs have the advantage but their life cycles end quicker and as a result for looking good need to pay more quicker.
Corrwin  +   1767d ago
Why compare a HD version to the PS2 versions? Of course it's going to look better than that!

Why not compare Splinter Cell HD to each PC version?
cakeisalie  +   1767d ago
Thats because imagine the uproar when console gamers dont see a difference and some of them actually remove the fanboy blinds and discover they actually had to buy the game twice just to catch up with PC version.
Kakihara  +   1767d ago
I think it's actually just so people can see the improvement from the original. Not everything has to be about who has the better toys y'know.
Corrwin  +   1767d ago

Isn't that the point of HD remakes?

If we didn't care who had the best version, they'd still be selling the PS2 games unaltered.
Inzo  +   1767d ago
spirited  +   1767d ago
am playing chaos theory on pc graphics still look amazing

especially lighting
newn4gguy  +   1767d ago
No co-op on Chaos Theory.

I'm not buying it.

Good work, Ubisoft.
earbus  +   1767d ago
Been playin 1and 2 on pc only thing that lets them down is lack of AA no option to smooth it.
El_Assenso  +   1767d ago
That is some awesome graphical improvement!! I always liked Splinter Cell but never got aroud playing the 2nd and 3rd games so I am definitely picking this-up. But....then again InFamous 2 is coming out around June so Splinter cell might have to wait for me.
josephayal  +   1767d ago
Nothing can match the Power of the PS3
b_one  +   1767d ago
It is true that there will be no multiplayer?

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