When Heroes Take To The Stage

In this article, DL writes:

"Finally, here's your chance to unleash your inner rock god.

Halo's Master Chief might blow it away, but the world's biggest-selling game so far this year is not another shooter, racer or role-playing adventure, it's Guitar Hero - the game that lets people pretend they are rock stars.

More than 5 million Guitar Hero games have been sold and the franchise is poised to beat Pokemon's record as the fastest to hit $US1 billion in sales. The figures should grow significantly larger with Guitar Hero III coming next month to all popular game console formats, and later to home computers and hand-held consoles.

Charles Huang, co-founder of publisher RedOctane, believes Guitar Hero III is the best game in the series to date with more realistic (wireless) guitars, improved graphics, online support and a fun new battle mode. The new game has a stronger track list, including hits by artists such as the Rolling Stones, Pearl Jam, Guns N' Roses and Metallica, while songs from Australian artists should be available for download."

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