PC's Worst Nightmare Coming True? Upgradeable Consoles Next Round

Sega back in the day had the 32x and SegaCD, add-ons and ways to extend the life of the Genesis but it was a great attempt at the wrong time.

Interesting enough it appears that developers feel the time is almost upon us to see this happen again and in the next round of consoles the last PC gaming advantage in terms of max settings and graphic card updates may appear in a new console format.

Stay Tuned for some interesting details in this video

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Hitman07692540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

This could have serious ramifications on the console industry. I think there are pros and cons to the permanent specs of current day consoles but additional upgrades could have some good possibility as well. I would personally prefer to see shorter life cycles and better upgrades on consoles rather than upgrade ability but if they can face the challenges of designing such an add-on and find solutions that further gaming, I'll be all for it.

@CameronL99 Completely valid points.

CameronL992540d ago

Shorter life cycles? Shorter than 5 years which is what we've had every generation until this one? Do you realize how bankrupt Console makers would be if they had to come out with a console every 3 years? There's a massive amount of marketing and technology that goes into them, Sony spent billions coming up with the PS3 with its Cell architecture, they needed a 10 year life cycle just for some of that to pay off. Noone wants to spend billions on something that they're going to replace in 3 years.

kancerkid2540d ago

Although I think it would be easier to upgrade a console (Plug and Play) over a PC(compatibility, etc), I do not think it would be anywhere near as cheap, nor would any PC gamer care as there would be an extreme limitation of choices.

If you are going to go the upgradeable root, just build a PC. It has much greater functionality for a slightly higher price.

Oh, and does this mean their would be tiers of games, where some games could only be played on the best hardware? I mean MS can't even publish games that require an HDD b/c not everyone has one, though most people do.

I do not see this going anywhere.

Army_of_Darkness2540d ago

Ya right! If consoles get shorter life cycles, then i might as well purchase every other next gen console then since it would be pointless to buy each one....
I say, the longer the cycle the better! I dont really like the idea of upgradable consoles though cause who knows, they might abuse it like they do with dlc. ...

evrfighter2540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

upgradeable consoles takes a huge part of the pro vs the con of pc vs. console gaming argument away from the console gamer.

Not only that but pc gamers would point and laugh at the console gamers who are severely hamstrung by the amount of access Sony and M$ would allow console gamers to have.

I mean it basically boils down to the pc elite poking fun at the
"poor mans pc"
"the DLC pc"
"fisher price pc "
"little tykes pc"
"It's Nerf or a real pc"

Oh how I wish this would happen. there would be lulz and it would be awesome.

but then we are getting pulled into HHG's momentum. let's start from the beginning.

1) HHG has no clue pc gaming exists and once he finds out he begins to go on about how it doesn't compare to consoles. Even goes as far to debate pc gamers about it.

2)As HHG gains more knowledge about the gaming industry he realizes that PC gaming is where its at but to come out and support it would make him look the fool. Foot in mouth syndrome.

3) console gaming as we speak is dried up and he's always going on about the next-gen and the future. He has nothing to combat the advancements that are being made on the pc and if you look at #2 he's lookin the fool.

4) his only option is to do what he can to downplay pc gaming. Expect to see more articles like this from in the future.

NewMonday2540d ago

Technically the lifecycle would be extended not reduced, only the graphics chip would be changed, and maybe RAM, but for this to work every game has to ship with all graphics settings and features like PC games, or this would be pointless.

This is not a bad idea, think about it , we already have blue ray HDD wi fi power supply, why buy all that when all we need for an extension is a graphics chip, maybe for just 60-100$.

And this generation is already upgradable with replicable HDD

FanboyPunisher2540d ago

"poor mans pc"
"the DLC pc"
"fisher price pc "
"little tykes pc"
"It's Nerf or a real pc"

Theonetheonly2539d ago

Dear Mr hiphop gamer.
Just admit that you want to start gaming on a pc.

If the community worked together to bring love to the pc you would have exactly what you are so excited about. all the best exclusives would see the pc market unhampered by hardware limitations.

everything you just described sounds EXACTLY like a PC what it sounds like is that you want consoles to become PCs why not just buy a pc :)

you sound like a console gamer thats still in the closet about wanting to make the jump to pc.

Pc Just Jump in it only does EVERYTHING.

MaxXAttaxX2539d ago

Instead of small improvements.

That's why I stick to consoles.

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hiredhelp2540d ago

I cant see any console running a a good pc video card for one thing it would have to be farely large casing. just for the board. them chips get very hot very quickly you will run into over heating issues.
thats without the cpu and ram.

nice thought but really you want that you might as well have a pc. and to have the latest tech lets just say graphics cards are like mobile phones. if you want the very latest tech .you go bankrupt cos next one be out very shortly after.

joeorc2540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

Is that the same Hybrid core processors that are in mobile gaming like smartphones an tablets are also going into desktop PC's not to mention the very same PC only centric game engine developers are making their game engines compatable, why is that mainly because Microsoft has no other choice to make the next ver. Of windows Os with full Api's to run on these chipsets.

Thank about that for a sec, in over 15+ years Microsoft has not or pushed a. Full windows Os in the consumer space on a non. Intel based chipset.

Add in the fact that very likely that the next. Game systems all three put out will. Use the same core chipset, maybe not the same series of chips but the same core chipset which will. In effect mean from the portible space to the tablet to the smartphone to the game console to the Pc all the same development tools can be used with less waste in not only time but manpower needed.

Its a brave new world an in my opinion it's being dominated by the Arm chipset.

hiredhelp2539d ago (Edited 2539d ago )

are see you done your homework .you right in one sense. not sure motorola or the samsung. , but also the NGP and the ipad two both have the same chipset i understand what you talking. about and one day these will become very powerfull to display on a much wider resalution screen.

but to be honist if every hardware was going to run the same there would be no need to have soo many company's pushing new hardware.

As for the handheld right now i think its about how each system is designed to use these new ARM chipset's dont forget the psp had a arm chipset.

but with the pc the pc wont use such a hardware as its going too far too fast thoe a dual core on upcomming mobiles is impressive and 1ghz cpu becomming the norm. you have to take into account this is still 1ghz even at a quad core thats 4g's thoe with what they packing in the smartphones and ngp could it once run on a console. right now no because the screen size. in future very possible. thats my take on it m8. glad to see JOEORC you enthusiasm same as mine bubble voted. wish i could bloody spell

DeadlyFire2540d ago

How is this a bad thing. I say its awesome idea. First thing I would like to note. Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo can brand the hardware and release the updates at specific times. Say every 5 years or so. Get Generation 7 update now or something like that. Games can be branded with labels for this as well like each generation so really not much changes. Just maybe your price point lowers. Not a bad concept. Needs a trail run though I believe and maybe a bigger case to be sold with a console. Basically a full tower desktop as my next console + monitor. I say bring it on. I love this idea as I love PC gaming and it would open up a new world as far as software boundaries are concerned. PC is the top platform and their is a reason for that. Consoles branching into PC market would be great. It would start a new rivalry. Likely Xbox would get Windows support. PS3, Wii would likely be open market or create their own OS.

What I like about this concept is there is room for the consoles to create their own SDK and require it for use up until new hardware is set and then say here is the new SDK and new generation hardware to run it. Its the one thing PC doesn't have. A set time window for hardware/software.

I hope this does come true. Adds new depth to the consoles and opens a new world to consumers. A console that never dies.

ct032540d ago

It's not a bad thing. But considering how people keep stressing that "having to upgrade your PC every 4 months" (note how you supposedly have no choice in the matter, you HAVE TO upgrade) is awful.

DeadlyFire2539d ago

Well PCs don't have to be updated everyday like some believe. Yes new parts come out every 4 months or so. Are they nessesary to play next great game. NO. A good Graphics card and PC setup will last you 2 solid years without requiring any significant change and after that only required bump would be Graphics card, or Memory to last you another 2 years. Then maybe an overhaul around 4-6 years. Depending on if you will allow yourself to tone down a few games to lower settings with same resolution.

Graphics cards now have a high quality card line for $250 bucks. Not bad at all.


I've been hearing this for some time and I'm down.

SpaceSquirrel2540d ago

I could see consoles becoming more like PCs

Burning_Finger2540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

that would sucks ass... Majority of gamers just want to play games on default hardware and settings without costing X amount of $$$.

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