Why SEGA should stick with PlatinumGames

SEGAbits: "The closure of Clover Studio several years back was a sad day for the gaming industry, not only because they had just developed a multiple Game of the Year award winner (the beautiful Okami) but also because it was such a shame to see the developer of some of Capcom’s most interesting and innovative content getting the axe. It was a big dose of reality: a reminder that originality and innovation doesn’t always pay off (and SEGA knows that probably better than anybody) in an industry that’s rapidly becoming more and more hit-driven and sequel-based."

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Ahasverus1911d ago

I completely agree. PLatinum are creative geniuses, and Sega really needs them. Go buy it damn it!

disturbing_flame1911d ago

SEGA are doing great moves. It's a win win situation between them and Platinum.

RememberThe3571911d ago

SEGA needs to get better as selling their games. It's not like Platinums games are bad but they sell poorly.

The only great games I can think of that SEGA has put out recently are Platinum games.

Persistantthug1911d ago

I mean, why would they when I'm sure their Capcom situation is still fresh in their minds.

Them leaving Capcom and opening up their own studio instead of staying there shows they have little intention of being under anyone.

Ahasverus1911d ago

I understand your point but I'm sure they will handle the contract setting in diferent way now, they should own their current IPs and give Sega only the new ones and of course make it a long term agreement

ChickeyCantor1911d ago

i want them to make a sonic game...

showtimefolks1911d ago

they should keep em or try their best to keep this partnership

ZombieAssassin1911d ago

It would be wise for SEGA to try and purchase PG or keep getting them to sign deals to work exclusively with SEGA. They are prolly the most talented studio working for SEGA right now and GIVE ME BAYONETTA 2!!!

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