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Submitted by Hardedge 1768d ago | opinion piece

PS3 Exclusives That Disappointed, We Expected More Last week we chronicled the very best exclusive titles produced for Sony's big black behemoth - games that represent creativity, execution and vision at their finest. This time we're going to take a look at the console's seedy underbelly, so to speak. (Haze, Lair, PS3, Resistance 2, Time Crisis: Razing Storm, White Knight Chronicles)

ShawnCollier  +   1768d ago
Expected Haze is expected.
Sanrin  +   1768d ago
Haze makes it onto any list that starts with 'disappointing', regardless of the genre.
mephman  +   1768d ago
Oh Haze.

The people who bought that really got trolled. I can't believe it sold as many as it did.
ikkeweer  +   1768d ago
I bought it for 5 Euros last year. Apart from the dialogue it was ok. 5 bucks well spent.
Also, I really want to play Lair, I heard its pretty fun after they released the patch.

And RE2 should never be on that list anyways.
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clearelite  +   1768d ago
Hey, wtf :|
MaxXAttaxX  +   1768d ago
Seeing as how RE2 is in there, I assume that when they say "disappointing" they don't necessarily mean "bad".
Sharingan_no_Kakashi  +   1768d ago
dead horse beating article is beating dead horse.
gman_297  +   1768d ago
Yeah, it was. But I got it at GameStop for free after doing one of their "Buy 2, get 1 free" deals or whatever. For a game that would've been $10, it wasn't that bad. But I can see everyone being disappointed due to all of the hype.


You could say, "Well, they made TimeSplitters!" Did they make this a game meant for humor and arcade action? No? Did they make any previous TimeSplitters for this generation of consoles? No? Thing about it people. It'll save you at least your disappointment.
Ducky  +   1768d ago
You want history?
It's a mystery.
thugbob  +   1768d ago
KZ3 should be on the list in my opinion.
Hardedge  +   1768d ago
Haze did disappoint a lot. The game itself is pretty decent, but the online co-op was ridiculous. All the TK-ing going around was so effin' annoying.
JDouglasGU  +   1768d ago
never made it that far...
Hardedge  +   1768d ago
Hahah, good on your part then, you missed out on a lot of frustration.
cfountain  +   1768d ago
i personally enjoyed White Knight Chronicles and Resistance 2. Im also planning on getting WKC2 and the PSP version and Resistance 3.
mephman  +   1768d ago
Loved Resistance 2 as well, but it didn't live up to what I expected from the game. Multiplayer was great, single-player... not so much.
DrHouse  +   1768d ago
Well resistance never really had a solid story, the same goes for Killzone. AND resistance is arguably the best multiplayer offering of all the ps3 exclusives.
KZ2 could have held that but those awful controls ruined it, kz3 isnt much better either.
MaxXAttaxX  +   1768d ago
Killzone actually has a good story. They just haven't applied it well enough into the game.
Resistance' multiplayer isn't THE best, but it's definitely one of the better ones.

You say it was awful, I say it was unlike everything else.
Hardedge  +   1768d ago
Loved it too, but it really was quite a disappointment.
Unknown_SNAKE  +   1768d ago
yeah me too i enjoyed resistance 2 in my opinion Afrika instead of Resistance too
remanutd55  +   1768d ago
i loved White Knight Chronicles , cant wait for WKC 2 and WKC psp
cfountain  +   1768d ago
me too. too many people letting reviews keep them from playing good games this gen.
Redempteur  +   1768d ago
WKC only problem is that his story was cut in 2. i wonder what will reviewers nitpick next time to dumb down this very good game.
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Dasteru  +   1768d ago
Beat WKC 3 times and enjoyed it, ill admit the combat system was half baked and the story was somewhat cliche (which is to be expected of most jrpg's anyway) but overall the game was good. hopefully the rerelease of it that's coming with WKC2 will fix up the combat system a bit.
gravemaker  +   1768d ago
White Knight Chronicles is a very good game, definitely not dissapointing
Infernostew  +   1768d ago
Only disappointing thing about WKC was that it was way too easy other than that the game was fantastic!
gravemaker  +   1768d ago
if you found it too easy, you should play some online)
Infernostew  +   1768d ago
I only played a little bit, GR3. My friend who convinced me to get the game week 1 said he'd play online a ton. We only played a bit and the moron didn't even finish the single player.
cochise313  +   1768d ago
Well these titles did suckm (except for WKC and R2), but the good ones outweigh bad by far.
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ShinnosukeRFD  +   1768d ago
oh boy
here we go -______________________-
telekineticmantis  +   1768d ago
LOL uhmm
how is Resistance 2 on this list, wow children are funny. Nothing more needed to be said, no need to reply.
Hardedge  +   1768d ago
I don't know about you, but Resistance 2 was pretty disappointing. Not a bad game by any means, but it certainly didn't meet expectations.
despair  +   1768d ago
yea its actually better than most FPS games out then and many even now, but compared to the quality of R1 it wasn't there. Thankfully R3 is looking phenomenal and bringing the series to new heights.

I wouldn't have added R2 to a list including Haze and Lair though.
telekineticmantis  +   1768d ago
Whatever kid, I'm not playing your game
save it for someone who takes you seriously. The game had great action and it was a thriller, one of the few shooters I actually thinks deserves some merit of credibility. It did well with the story, great action and it's one of the few suspenseful thrillers, of this generation. the multiplayer was good, and the co-op was great, I wanna know what disappoints people enough to put it on this list. Cut the garbage, The anony,ity of the internet must make it extremely easy to bullsh@t when you don't have to lie to someones face.
Dasteru  +   1768d ago
@telekeneticmantis Butthurt much? Hardedge never said R2 was a bad game, he simply said it didn't live up to expectations people had after playing R1 (which is true) you should try to calm down and not overreact to everything. you're replies to both the article and hardedge are quite immature and lead me to believe you might be the "kid" here.

ps. just to reiterate, R2 is not a bad game, it just wasn't as good as R1
Stewie2k8  +   1768d ago
wow stop calling people kids because they have different opinions than you. even i thought R2 was dissapointing, much preferred the 1st one. but again MY opinion.
Hardedge  +   1768d ago
Angry much?

The story was, in fact, one of the more disappointing aspects of the game. It explained little about the on-going war, which was what was great about RfoM, it wasn't just about one super soldier or super squad, but everyone struggling against the same enemy. R2 lost that grand sense of unity. Granted, Hale is pretty much a super soldier, but there were always other troops by his side, or trying to get to an objective. R2 felt incredibly lonesome since Hale pretty much handled everything himself.

Heck, The Gathering Storm was far more interesting than R2, it was a relatively good read.

Then comes the gameplay. Weapon wheel replaced by a c/p CoD two weapon system. It was utter rubbish because picking up a weapon hinted at what would be coming next. "Oh hey, look a rocket launcher," there must be something big and mechanical around the corner. The Leviathan, as amazingly massive as it was, was a major disappointment considering it was entirely scripted.

The online co-op was a blast, probably the only aspect of the game that didn't disappoint. The 60 player games weren't that different from RfoM, just 20 more people.

Anyway, how about trying to be more civil? The anonymity of the internet must make it extremely easy to troll when you don't have to do it to someone's face. I said it was a disappointing game, not one that sucked. Infinitely better than CoD, but still disappointing considering how great the first game was.
Dogs_PinoyPOOD  +   1768d ago
if they were to make Haze now. i think it would be sooo much better. back then no one knew how to dev games for ps3
despair  +   1768d ago
Resistance was launch title and was really good, its no excuse if you ask me.
akiraburn  +   1768d ago
@Dogs_Pinoy, Actually, Haze was a mess of a project regardless of it's plans. If you look around a bit through the different interviews and some of the old trailers, you will find that the game actually changed immensely many times over. Originally Haze was slated to be a PC exclusive and had a very different story as indicated by the first full public trailer that was released I believe in 2006.

At this point, it displayed very promising story and had the potential for much more. Through the interviews, you'll discover that because of the head(s) of the project, the game's story, gameplay, and overall concept were forcibly changed many times, even after being very far into development. They had to continuously scrap content, and bounced around the different platforms they were going to be releasing on.

However even from an early point in development (shortly after the time where it was only being developed on PC) the PS3 was considered and/or planned as their next most likely platform. And as Despair said above, there were definitely many other well-made and solid games released for the PS3 at that point, so there's sadly no excuses for the way it turned out, aside from them having an indecisive project leader. It doesn't help their case that the unreleased PC version wasn't offering anything even close to impressive either.
TheColbertinator  +   1768d ago
I actually enjoyed WKC.I'm getting the PSP one soon
theonlylolking  +   1768d ago
Haze is not a bad game. Haze was just over hyped which is why many peeps got disappointed. Sony could probably buy the haze franchise from Ubisoft and have a dev like GG make a better haze for the PS4.
BizDaWolf  +   1768d ago
WKC was a sleeper hit
dkgshiz  +   1768d ago
Haze wasn't even intended to be a PS3 exclusive. It was originally multiplatform but my guess is Free Radical built the PS3 build first then realized the game was complete crap so they just scrapped the PC/360 versions to save money. that I think of it. Didn't they hire Korn to make a music video just for Haze. Maybe my theory is wrong.
dkgshiz  +   1768d ago
WKC should not be on here. Its better then FF13 thats for sure.
undercovrr  +   1768d ago
I agree with everything on that list except resistance 2. That game was one of my favourite FPS of all time. The online was so addicting! I don't understand all the hate against it
SpLinT  +   1768d ago
Add Socom Confrontation and their 4 maps only game

Add R3 to save yourself from the update in a few months

Add KZ3 and their 10 players that still play it

Im tempted to put Warhawk and Mag in the list but "some" people enjoyed those games.

As a Ratchet and Clank fan, these PS3 non-multiplayer games are a disappointment.
Master of Unlocking  +   1767d ago
And I'll add you in my personal ignored list, well done.

Anyway, I don't care what the peeps on that website think, I still plan on getting all those games. Yes, even Haze, if only for the online co-op mode.
josephayal  +   1768d ago
WAIT!! WHAT? HAZE?? bu bu bu but its the best fps of all time C'mon guys? haze rocks!
NaiNaiNai  +   1768d ago
I love I don't get why its on the list.

And I even insulted it long before I bought it, should tell you guys how good it is.
Quagmire  +   1768d ago
R2 > R1
N4Gsukballs  +   1768d ago
Killzone 3.
zackacloud  +   1767d ago
WKC best real RPG experience in this gen by faaaar

not shooter not hack and slash

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