Killzone 3 Steel Rain DLC Free for Plus Members

Aryeh Loeb // Producer, Guerrilla Games: Back in February we revealed that we were working on a brand-new DLC Pack for Killzone 3 called Steel Rain. Today, we are proud to announce that the pack is finished and slated for a PlayStation Store release on Tuesday, April 12!

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ELite_Ghost2362d ago


IF i get PS plus this month, will it be free for me?

And if yes, damn that's just awesome and whoever buys the maps is dumb XD

FAGOL2362d ago

You should note that the DLC will stop working after your subscription expires. They did this with all the Fallout 3 DLC if memory serves me right. You need to keep a active subscription. Thought i'd let you know.

frjoethesecond2362d ago


Only full games you get for free are affected by that rule. DLC works forever.

Focker4202362d ago


And to answer ELite_Ghost... Yes you will get the DLC free if you subscribe this month.

noraa2362d ago

DLC actually do stop working once your subscription finishes. It mentions it on the informaion screen for the DLC

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dp2774072362d ago

so i get a refund then for buying it early right, lol.

krouse932362d ago

It's not out yet. This is the second map pack.

rajman2362d ago

Out in the EU ;-)
Not a huge fan of the Junkyard map, but Stahl's Arms is awesome.

krouse932362d ago


Oh well, then I guess I am wrong. I apologize dp277407!

ikkeweer2362d ago

As soon as I can buy a freaking voucher I'll get plus again. Seems to be some delivery-problems, probably due to mother-nature. (I hate that they're not available at my local store, but yeah, still wish that would've been the only result of that disaster)

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The story is too old to be commented.