Diablo 3 Was Originally Planned as an MMORPG

Diablo.IncGamers.Com has posted a tidbit from their new interview with Diablo series creator and Torchlight designer Max Schaefer. In the excerpt, Max talks about the original design plans for Diablo III, back in 2001 at Blizzard North. It was going to be a full-on MMORPG, one they didn't think would clash with the (at the time) ongoing World of Warcraft, since the Diablo and Warcraft communities had always been separate.

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Xulfxulf2445d ago

See the link for extensive quotes from Max about the D3 MMORPG issue. The full interview audio will be posted on Monday morning.

Redrudy2445d ago

I would love an MMO set in Sanctuary. Love. Love. Love.

BeastlyRig2445d ago

It could work that way!

A L4D open world FPS MMO would be awsome also!!

Infernostew2445d ago

That would have been a really dumb decision.

an0nym0us2445d ago

An action rpg mmo or "MMOARPG" would have been cool and unique.

rataranian2445d ago

Diablo 3 was originally planned as a game to be played. Then thousands of years later they decided it would be better as just a myth.

plb2445d ago

That belongs to dnf as that was announced what a decade ago?

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