SEGA takes down Streets of Rage Remake downloads

SEGAbits: "Fans want a Streets of Rage Remake and SEGA didn't answer. What did they do? They did it themselves, without using any of SEGA's code. They recently released the final version of their game and it didn't excite SEGA too much."

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Dart892603d ago

Damn sux for those who didn't download it i downloaded it right away so i'm safe.

Yi-Long2603d ago (Edited 2603d ago )

...Sega doesn't give the fans what they want, and they don't want anyone else to give it to them either. Look at the Sonic Remix thing.

Amateurs and fans are releasing better SEGA-games than Sega. How sad is that!?

davidmccue2603d ago

i am sure it will end up on the torrent websites. If someone who downloaded it is kind enough to put it on a few.

Noble Spartan2603d ago

SEGA are trash, they make trash games, they took the most iconic mascot and turned him into turd. We all know Sonic and his turd games and they cancel and fan games which are better then their games.

So f*** you piece of shit Sega.

zeal0us2603d ago

lol I did too after reading it on joystiq "download the Windows game here before Sega's lawyers hit the Streets."

DarkBlood2603d ago (Edited 2603d ago )

good thing i got it before it was too late

GamersXTREME2603d ago

SEGA should be honored that this team put together such an excellent remake! Very unfortunate to hear that they shut it down after all these years of hard work that BomberGames put into this...

Alos882603d ago

8 years of effort down the drain, I haven't been depressed like this about a fan game since Chrono Trigger Crimson Echoes. (At least this got released, though...)

lucifon2603d ago

Bollocks I was meaning to download this, just been so busy this week. I'm sure someone will host it somewhere, it's the internet - you can't stop it!!

Such a shame too, if Sega decide to reboot the franchise it'll know doubt be an insult of a game too. The fans do it right.

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