Planet3DS Interview - Driver Renegade 3D held and interview with Nouredine Abboud from Ubisoft. It answers questions about the gameplay if Driver Renegade 3D will be more like Driv3r aka Grand Theft Auto Clone or more like the original Drivers series. So can you get out of the car and shoot or not?

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Sorano2688d ago

Hope it won't be as boring as Asphalt 3D...

portablegaming2688d ago

Looks to me it will be. But also could be a nice wreckless driving game like open world Burnout. I love Burnout!

firefoxprime2688d ago

Hehe...then I hope you know there may be a 3DS port of Burnout3:Takedown...!

Never played a driver game, but its our only "official" hope of a good driving game on the 3DS for the time being. RR was to bland;more of the same. Asphalt? Ha, the lagging in that game was hurrendous. So much for an extra 5 months of tweeking....pfff. hmph.

GuruStarr782688d ago

I'm really liking Asphalt, but I know it's just a poor placeholder for Burnout.

I think this game will be serviceable, not as good as Burnout, but probably better than Asphalt..... I'll probably Gamefly it and decide whether to buy it up that.

Zyrando2688d ago

I hate Ubisoft Games. But Assassins Creed is good :P

franktheprankreturns2688d ago

All Ubisoft games except Assassin's Creed suck. The should stick to that and make the spin-offs good as well. Handheld versions of AC also suckt until now... badly...

AlanarWindblade2688d ago

Well it can only become better ;)