E3 2011 PlayStation Wishlist

IPC says: "Its that time of the year again when the hype for biggest gaming event of the year -- E3 in Los Angeles begins to pull out of the station.

So in prelude to this thought I’d jump on the wagon and develop my wishlist of software and hardware I would love to be shown at this years E3."

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Apolloeye2632d ago

Wipeout Universe would be awesome!

Dart892632d ago

My wishlist a sequel to Legend of Dragoon,or hd remake of the 1st one.

ipconflict2632d ago

That would also be good.

jeseth2631d ago

So many games need to be dusted off had an installment done on the PS3 . . . MediEvil, Parasite Eve, Rise of the Kasai/Legend of the Kri, Champions of Norrath, Legacy of Kane, Crash Bandicoot, Jak and Daxter, etc. etc.

Oh, and since we're talking "wish list" . .. there's always that Final Fantasy Remake...

And and exclsive MGS5.

Ninver2632d ago


New Rachet and Clank
Killzone NGP
Uncharted NGP
Resistance NGP
Fifa NGP
Syphon Filter NGP
"proper" Resident Evil NGP

PS3: know the deal

newn4gguy2632d ago

I want a DMC3 port for the NGP. ^_^

ardivt2632d ago

I just want a pixeljunk monsters sequel, nothing more

newn4gguy2632d ago

Great list with some innovative ideas!

I'd love to post some of my own, but I'll probably just blog it.

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