Splinter Cell HD - New Comparison Screenshots

Ubisoft released some ne Comparison Screenshots of Splinter Cell HD that coming to PS3 this Spring.

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iamnsuperman2575d ago

looks really good... defiantly picking it up.

seinfan2575d ago

Looks like they used the Xbox version. Definitely good news.

Blaze9292575d ago (Edited 2575d ago )

They're using the PC version.

Caudill2575d ago (Edited 2575d ago )

They ported the PC version actually. There's a post about it on the Playstation Blog.

EDIT: ha, looks like Blaze beat me to it.

gamingdroid2575d ago

Well, why isn't this remake on the Xbox 360? We got SC: Conviction....

I might have to pick it up on the PS3.

DigitalRaptor2574d ago

Either it's a Ubi-Sony deal, or there's simply not enough disc space to put all 3 games in a package, including high-res textures etc.

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Paradicia2575d ago

I'm a huge SC fan.. I wish I could pick this up day one. Anyone have a solid European release date?

Jaces2574d ago

Haven't played any of the previous SC, just Conviction and it really didn't impress tbh.

Might have to look this up though, really love that they're bringing a lot of the classics back in HD.

FanboyPunisher2574d ago (Edited 2574d ago )

Looks like an HD remake of the Xbox or PC version from what I can tell, alot of similar assets being used.For sure isnt a remake built from the PS2 version though.

Great to see new life, the first splinter cell was very impressive.

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red2tango2575d ago

i am not buying it because it has no multiplayer. the multiplayer was epic.

ilikestuff2575d ago

yep, cant wait to do some gangster ass ninja shit in hd

Larry L2575d ago

Wow, now THIS is what an HD remake is all about. Rebuilt right from the ground up. Well, at least all new high resolution textures throughout the whole game and updated lighting techniques. This is not the half-assed lazy direct port (basically) of RE4 that Capcom is trying to pass off as a HD remake where they have to make the PS2 screens look like crap to make the pseudo-HD version look good.

Well done Ubisoft, for actually putting in some effort (and they obviously put in quite alot) on your HD remake and providing a reason to purchase, instead of taking the lazy, money-grabbing Capcon way out. Kudos!!!

Blaze9292575d ago

well to be fair though, you have to remember that Tom Clancy games on the PS2 were all completely crap compared to the PC and Xbox versions.

They are using the PC version of the game here for this collection. Meaning they really didn't have to change much or rebuild anything.

If they were to do a remake of the Xbox 1'd probably still look like the xbox 1 version and it's be like how you're describing the RE4 remake Capcom is doing.

If you pick the shittiest version though and remake it from the best version, then you'll have what we have here.

Larry L2575d ago

Now, mind you I didn't disagree with you, but I DO disagree with you if you know what I mean.

I wouldn't know about the PC version as I've pretty much always been a console gamer aside from a very few select games. But Xbox was the platform I played Splinter Cell on. It certainly looked better than the PS2 version, but it was hardly some kind of huge leap. The Xbox version deffinitely had more polygons, but the truth is they still looked very similar. AGain, I can't speak to the PC version, and I'm sure it looked even better than the Xbox version, and who knows what kind of visual improvements it had with modding. But I can tell you that the Xbox version didn't look anywhere near as nice as these HD remake screens. EVen Chaos Theory didn't look this good, and that was about the best looking console game last gen aside from maybe DOOM 3.

Eyeco2574d ago

it wasn't just polygons, the xbox version defecated on the ps2 version when it came to lightings (especially), textures, particle effects, and even AI GC and PS2 versions suffered from stupid AI

Christopher2575d ago

Actually looks really good compared to other HD remakes.

Quagmire2575d ago

Agreed, looks great in a 'really bad current gen graphic' look.

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