NBA's Arenas a Big, Fat Halo Cheater

Look at all his games that he gets 1st place in. He joins up with a friend and has his other account quit out so he gets 1st place every time. How can this be allowed?

Checking out his stat page you can see that he does play an awful lot of Social Doubles and always ends in first place. Oh and that the lifespan of many of his "matches" is under five seconds.

The Credit Url is the link to his stats page

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razer4085d ago

and he even admits to it now and says it's a "glitch"..

What a freakin loser.. This dude needs a good teabag.. Go back to the NBA hommie.

dachiefsman4085d ago

well the people who actually play the game fair are at a least a high profile person being caught may bring the problems to light

mikeslemonade4085d ago

No wonder Gilbert can't get pass the 1st round of the NBA playoffs; he's too busy playing Halo. He has millions of dollars and he is playing a middle class game. Go get some beer and hang out with girls, and then maybe practice bballing.

Genki4085d ago

99% of the time what he says and does is a joke or prank. Everyone that buys into it pretty much is getting "punk'd".

TheSadTruth4085d ago

I was just about to post this ;) I would have hyped it up much more lol

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