Gamespot: Super Smash Bros. Brawl Hands-On

Nintendo showed off a playable, work in progress version of Super Smash Bros. Brawl for the Wii at a media event today. The playable demo of the game featured fourteen playable characters, including the recently announced Sonic the Hedgehog. Gamespot was able to pick any of the fighters and take them on one of 11 stages in a two-minute KO brawl. While the playable demo was obviously focused on letting the assembled press get their hands on the game, the other big aspect of the demo was the ability to try out two of the control schemes being used for the game, either using the classic controller or only the Wii remote.

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ItsDubC4083d ago

FYI there are four different control schemes for this game, one of which is the use of the GC controller.

ChickeyCantor4083d ago

he said the new type controller scheme were introduced i think.

Kuest4082d ago (Edited 4082d ago )

but i think its time for me to head back to Nintendo's camp. Between Metriod, Zelda, Mario galaxy, and SSBB... Its like revisiting the 4th grade again (good ol days).

Yeah... screw it, I'm buying a Wii. Can't take it any longer. Nintendo got to me, I'm infected. Surprisingly, it feels quite good.

Edit: to blow me

Thing is dipsh!t, that I've already played those "old" games. I wanna to play new games, but with my same favorite characters. Ever heard of Twilight princess, or Corruption? They've all recieved 9+ ratings. Those are games are new and NOT for FREE ([email protected]). I want those games because it reminds me when i first fell in love w/ gaming. Not because I wanna be 9 years old again (i'm 19, by the way- so I don't what's the deal about mid-life crisis).

Oh, and about the Wii not being worth it- fine, but that's your opinion. And i personally don't give a #@$%@. Anyways, if you don't like the Wii, why are you HERE? Fanboys...

gamesblow4082d ago

Their's things called a Mid-life crisis and it seems you're hitting rock bottom right about now. Wanna revist the 4th grade? have a kid. Let him do it and tell you about it. Nintendo's not the fast track to look back. Wanna rekindle old flames...? you can emulate every damn system clean up to the dreamcast now on the ps3. "FOR FREE!!" Nintendo is a waste of plastic and sweat shop work.

ChickeyCantor4082d ago

also 19 here and the same reasons why i want these games.
Oldschool stuff is just awsome.

gamesblow4082d ago

They don't need to innovate further. hahah. "Their impressions were -- It's smashbro's and it's fun" Yet, when the new Tekken comes out they'll say "IT's Tekken and it's getting stale" whatever.

Kuest4082d ago

look at all the new characters and battle stages. The Star Fox one actually takes you on a galaxy tour WHILE you fight. And that's not even mentioning the single player campaign (which no one yet knows about).

Besides, man. Its Mario... and Link... and Star fox...together. That's really all the innovation you need.

goodganja4082d ago

Nintendo gets the free pass for being a console hit in the 80's. Imagine what Sony will be about 15 years from now. Sony will get the same nostalgic love Nintendo is getting now and Nintendo will fade into obscurity.

P L A Y B 3 Y O N D