In Case Sega Forgot, Fans Still Really Want A Shenmue Sequel

In Case Sega Forgot, Fans Still Really Want A Shenmue Sequel Today we give the Speak-Up on Kotaku podium over to commenter Ryohumar, who wants to let Sega know there is still hope for redemption in the form of Yu Suzuki and Shenmue 3.

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dangert122422d ago

put it on ps3 and you have my money

LOGICWINS2421d ago (Edited 2421d ago )

You know what would be mad slick? If Sega made a deal with Sony and made Shenmue 3 EXCLUSIVELY for the NGP. That would LITERALLY force people to buy it. If they announced that, I'd start putting cash into my "NGP Savings Fund" :D

mastiffchild2421d ago

Thing is, just how much would a bang up to date Shenmue cost? They were expensive as all hell when the made the first two-IDK if there are enough "fans" to make it even worth thinking about.

I'd love to see it but is it viable in any real sense?

LOGICWINS2421d ago


Right now, it wouldn't be viable. Sega would need to re-release Shenmue 1 and 2 on PSN to gt people up to speed.

If the sales are up to snuff, Shenmue 3 can get the green light as a PS3 console exclusive. Its not like I'm a PS3 fanboy, but businesswise, making Shenmue 3 a PS3 exclusive makes sense since many PS3 gamers have shown a liking to the Yakuza series.

NoobJobz2421d ago

No thanks. This may be my most anticipated game of all time but I wouldn't buy a NGP just to play it. I don't want Shenmue 3 to be on a handheld. However PS3 or 360, day one purchase.

guigsy2421d ago

The problem with Shenmue was that it was an expensive project being released on a new platform. I remember them saying that every Dreamcast owner would have to have bought it twice for the game to break even. So no, it wouldn't make any sense bringing it to a new platform exclusively.

I've said before that if they ever made Shenmue 3, it should be for as many platforms as possible, due to the fact that the Sega fanbase segregated to different platforms after the Dreamcast, so you're appeasing those fans no matter which console they own. Plus, more platforms generally equal more sales.

dedicatedtogamers2421d ago

Three things:

1) Shenmue was designed as a Dreamcast-seller. That was why it received so much care and detail. Play Shenmue 2 and you will notice the incredibly drop in overall quality.

2) Where are the Shenmue fans? The game only sold a million, and I can't imagine millions more picking the game up since the original launch. Shenmue 2 flopped when it hit Xbox.

3) Yakuza is - in many ways - the spiritual successor to Shenmue. This has been known for quite a while.

jetlian2421d ago

by todays standard would be around 20-30 million to make. most of what made it special is standard now!

Even that might be to high seeing as sega would probably use the yakuza engine and they pump those out every year.

whats this drop in part 2 dedicated? guigsy when dreamcast first came out they need 2 per owner not at the end.

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chasegarcia2421d ago

Maybe they are going to release it for Dreamcast 2? It would be awesome if Sega comes back with a cloud system.

Quagmire2421d ago

Shenmue HD collection first, please.

mastiffchild2421d ago

Would make sense-without it to drum up interest(and even then would today's gamer go for it anyway)I don't see a big enough market to readily fund such an expansive, expensive game.

The sandbox genre has moved on a great deal and as a series known for great innovation fans would expect the same kind of strides and including everything RDR or GTA does AS WELL. IDK-as I say, it's a great thing to imagine but is it ever going to add up?

InLaLaLand2421d ago (Edited 2421d ago )

Sega can do it like they did with the dreamcast collection. They can release the Shenmue collection on disc or PSN/XBLA. They can use the Yakuza (Ryu Ga Gotoku) engine to make Shenmue 3 (I think they should do that to save money).

Acquiescence2421d ago

is that everyone starts talking about Shenmue III again lol. One of these days, Sega will announce it.

BabyTownFrolics2421d ago

the question isnt if fans want a sequal, its how many fans want a sequal, and how many of those fans would actually pay for it.

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