TimeShift PC Demo Now Available

The wait is nearly over as TimeShift, developed by Saber Interactive and published by Sierra Entertainment, will give you a taste of what it feels like to control time. The first person shooter allows players to master the flow of time, to become the ultimate weapon in war-torn environments.

See download mirrors below.

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TnS3757d ago

I want mirrors for CoD 4. :(

jack who3756d ago

xbl got this 2months ago

Mallow3756d ago (Edited 3756d ago )

CoD4 has them, just finished the DL.

Ps. In the realm of FPS - PC > Consoles.

LeonSKennedy4Life3756d ago

Does the 360 version look as good as the PC version?

(360 fans shouldn't answer as to avoid criticism of all kinds.)

jack who3756d ago

my 47" hdtv >>>>>>>&g t;>your pc

-SIXAXIS-3756d ago

Ummm...Months ago I downloaded a Timeshift demo for PC. Is this the same one or is this a new one?

BTW, I downloaded it from

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