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Submitted by Raichu50 1771d ago | opinion piece

If Sony Doesn't Shoot Itself in the Foot - NGP Will Succeed

The NGP could repeat history if Sony doesn't learn from their mistakes, so what went wrong with the PSP? (3DS, Next-Gen, NGP, PSP, Sony)

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zootang  +   1771d ago
I don't understand all the negativity, do we not want a HD portable console with dual analogue sticks? That can play play films with, search the web and more.
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LOGICWINS  +   1771d ago
Of course, people would WANT it. The issue is:

How many people who ALREADY own PS3s want to spend ANOTHER $300 on something they basically already have?

Also, how many gamers who don't own a PS3 will be willing to buy an NGP over a PS3 when the PS3 has a Blu-ray player, free internet browser, and 1st and 3rd party support from devs with half a decade of PS3 experience?
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diehardgamer1000  +   1771d ago
its not portable and therefore they don hv it.keyword PORTABLE
ABizzel1  +   1771d ago
The same argument can be said for the 3DS, or 360 or Wii's successor. You're going to be paying for a new console, that will have the same old franchises with very little new anything, outside of 3rd party outings.

Gamers buy consoles, because they like to play games, and it's been stated that every game they've shown while current PS3 franchises are completely new/different games.

That Logic you used was awful.

If that was the case no one would ever buy a Nintendo console, because they've been playing the same franchises since forever. Mario, Mario Kart, Donkey Kong, Zelda, Metroid, Mario Party, and the list goes on.
DigitalHorror81  +   1771d ago
For someone by the name of "LogicWins", your comment is full of fail.
LOGICWINS  +   1771d ago
In this case thats irrelavent because the NGP is being marketed as a "portable console with PS3 quality games" Why bother with the portable when you can get the real thing with on a bigger screen, 3d support, devs with more experience, and no possibility of having to pay for a 3G service ON TOP of ur regular internet service?

@ABIZZEL- Actually, if u took your Sony blinders off u would understand that Nintendo is a special case since they've been making portable consoles since the 90s! Any portable console that says Nintendo will SELL no matter what. Its called brand familiarity.
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Nicaragua  +   1771d ago
Ah - that explains why the gamecube, N64, and virtual boy were all such a runaway success.

Cheers for clearing that up.
suicidalblues  +   1771d ago
Ahh yes, there it is. The 'ol " you disagree so you're a fanboy" argument. Good one Logic. Funny that his comment had no fanboy in it. I own a laptop and a desktop pc, but why? According to you that makes no sense.

Take off your own blinders before accusing others, it'll make you sound smarter.
jeseth  +   1771d ago
@ Logicwins

1)How many low self esteem loser buy the annual iteration of the iphone so they can feel cooler and better about themselves?

2)Because they want it to be portable.

LOGICWINS  +   1771d ago
"Any PORTABLE console that says Nintendo will SELL no matter what. Its called brand familiarity."

Re-read my comment Nicaragua

"@ Logicwins

1)How many low self esteem loser buy the annual iteration of the iphone so they can feel cooler and better about themselves?

2)Because they want it to be portable.


1) The fact that u label everyone who buys the Iphone every year as a "low self-esteem loser" says A LOT about ur own self esteem. What gives u the right to say someone has "low-self esteem" because they choose to buy something they like?

2) The Iphone DOESN'T have a big brother that does EVERYTHING it does in a bigger, better way for relatively the SAME price. In a market, where the NGP is $250 and the PS3 is $300...what do u think is going to happen when the NGP is marketed as a "PS3 on the go"?

The only thing that comes close to an Iphone BIG brother as an Ipad or Mac. But guess what, there out of the price range of an Iphone.

To put it more simply:

(Iphone: $200, Ipad:$500, Mac:$1000)

^^THIS WORKS because there priced away from each other

(NGP: $250, PS3: $300

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Nicaragua  +   1771d ago
Why would i re-read your edited comment? Dont you have the integrity to admit that you just didnt state your point correctly by including the word portable ?

Have some backbone and credibility for fucks sake.
LOGICWINS  +   1771d ago
Integrity? Credibility? Buddy..why so serious?
Nicaragua  +   1771d ago
Im "so serious" because i didnt wish to phrase what i intended to say in a humorous way.

Still i want to try and be down with the kids so let me give it a try - Logicwins, you are an utter bell end.
LOGICWINS  +   1771d ago
"Still i want to try and be down with the kids so let me give it a try - Logicwins, you are an utter bell end."

Ummm...I don't know what that means.
longcat  +   1771d ago
A MAJOR reason for ppl not giving up CFW is due to the added functionality.

If sony does not have an open app store, this will happen again
Frak  +   1771d ago
these are the worst ponits ever. PS3 is a console while ngp is a hanheld. Sony has ponited that out already just so noobs like u can't type stuff like this.ohh ..wait..too late
Nicaragua  +   1771d ago
Dont worry about it kiddo, its obvious from your comments here that you dont really have much of an understanding about anything.
Kewl_Kat  +   1771d ago
"In this case thats irrelavent because the NGP is being marketed as a "portable console with PS3 quality games" Why bother with the portable when you can get the real thing with on a bigger screen, 3d support, devs with more experience, and no possibility of having to pay for a 3G service ON TOP of ur regular internet service?"

Does. Not. Make. Sense. At. All. It's PORTABLE, that's the whole point. Using your logic (if there's any), laptops are also useless considering they perform the same tasks desktops do. I can't believe people still have to explain the concept of portability to you. Portable device with PS3 graphics quality is one of its selling point. You know why people would bother buying one? The same reason why people would bother buying a 3DS or ipad. If they're on a vacation/plane/airport/hotel/s chool cafeteria, and they wanna have play a videogame to kill some time, then out goes the NGP from their pockets or bags. My PS3 can play mp3s, but I don't sit in front of it and listen to songs, I use my psp for that.
jeseth  +   1771d ago
@ logicwins

Okay, apparently you can spew sarcasm and stereotypes but can't comprehend it when someone come back at you with it.

1) How about just, people that "have to" have the annual iteration of an iphone. Is that better for you. And they are not $200 when you buy one before your contract is up. But people will continue to shell out $$$ year after year just to have the newest thing, why then is it so hard for you to believe that people wouldn't/shouldn't buy the NGP/PSP2 when its release date relative to its predecessor is several years apart and has exceptionally better tech. Ur logic fails.

2) Are you seriously so dense that you still don't get we are talking PORTABLE vs. CONSOLE? Unbelievable. Your argument and logic about PS3 vs. NGP continues to fail.

I also think its funny that you have to take a generalized statement and turn it into a personal insult. This shows your ignorance and also makes you look increasingly weaker in an argument you are losing badly.

Sticks and stones buddy, doesn't change that your argument is trash.

I hope you can't vote.
Trroy  +   1771d ago

You realize that the PSP cost more than the PS2 when it was released, right?

And the DS cost more than the GameCube?

And the 3DS costs more than the Wii?

...and so on?
firefoxprime  +   1771d ago
Haha...this is hilarious.
Sony fans fightin sony fans...truly truly pathetic.

Here's the bottom line. The psp was a portable ps2 right? Same will be said for the NGP. A portable PS3.

I will be upgrading my ps2 later this year. To a PS3? or an NGP?

LogicWins makes a strong case. As a consumer in an unstable economy, I'd purchase the PS3. Larger game library...bluray and such. Also, its multiplayer, so more people can enjoy.

Regarding the NGP, its so similiar to the PS3. The contrast between the DS and the Wii are so "appearant". Alot of psp gamers are ps2/ps3 gamers. They all feel under the impression of having a console gaming experience on the go. The games played on the psp were titles that were down scaled from their brother consoles.

Sometimes a psp game is so sucessful, that its reverse port to the PS2! Jak&Daxter:The Lost Frontier/Burnout:Dominator. Both titles stem from amazing franchises, yet their gameplay mechanics felt restricted on the PS2.

My point is that these gamers demand a console experience on a handheld, and are dissapointed when such experience is lacking. They want 2 analogs for better camera movement. Larger screen, better online capabalities. Yet, its still NOT a true console experience. And "that" is why the mentallity of those sony handheld gamers are so poor.

As a consumer, I want the most out of my money. The best experience I can moderately buy. So I will definetely play Killzone and Uncharted on the PS3 with a tv, analog controllers, not restricted to a minute handheld experience.

Backround: I own both sony/nintendo consoles/handhelds. I'm not bound to one console or company like many gamers are with their stupid mentalities.
NiKK_419  +   1771d ago
@LOGICWINS (ironic name btw)
You do know that that price for the iPhone is on contract right? That is the only reason it is that much cheaper. The iPhone off contract is about as much as iPad which is like $600 to $850, not $500 (unless yu are talking about the first iPad, but that is the price AFTER the iPad 2 $500 is incorrect either way)

Anyway, all of these Apple products are extremely overpriced and all of them are close to the price of a Mac, so by your logic everyone should just buy a Mac instead and forget about portability (even though a Mac does way more than an iphone or ipad and is almost the same price) but in the case of the NGP, remember, it is brand new, the price of the ps3 was $600 when it released, and this could very well be even better than the i dint know what you are trying to say
RyuStrife  +   1771d ago
Tell me this, LOGICWINS, how do I play my ps3 on a bus, plane, car, or boat? Carry a portable tv and battery? Do you know how big that will end up being? What if my relatives don't have a ps3 while I'm visiting?

I could just take out the NGP and play that instead. Besides, there will be games made for NGP only that will not appear on PS3.
Joni-Ice  +   1771d ago
So Far, So Good!
news4geeks  +   1771d ago
apparently we don't. Some people appear to be genuinely pissed off at NGP having near ps3 graphics. I've seen articles and arguments along the lines of, "I'm not buying it because I might as well buy a console if the graphics are going to be that good". Or, "who wants to be able to have a console experience on the go when you could have it at home with a big TV". Yeah, pretty ridiculous and completely missing the point(the main point being a console experience anywhere at anytime). It's as though they are desperate for a lesser experience.

edit: logicwins proving my point :)
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Parapraxis  +   1771d ago
Agreed, his "logic" FAILS.
catguykyou  +   1771d ago
There are genuinely a lot of people that just invested in PS3 either this year or last year that are very vocal about their purchase. They don't want to feel like they are behind the times yet again because they just caught up with the current gen stuff. These tend to be the same people who come on here and complain anytime anything xbox720 or ps4 is mentioned stating that its too soon or that Sony said 10 year life cycle without looking at the history of consoles. Sony has stated 10 year life cycles for all their systems which they have all gotten but they released a new console halfway through that life cycle as well. Face it people. Next gen is close at hand. Next gen portables are here and next gen consoles aren't far behind.
Kewl_Kat  +   1771d ago
LOGICWINS should change his username to IRONYWINS
infamousinfolite  +   1771d ago
The way I see sony shooting itself in the foot is how the NGP will work out I think it was the pirating of games that made the psp stand under the DS (someone correct) that and also the 3DS like Logic Wins said Nintendo the brand name that everyone knows and since Nintendo=3DS that'll be a hard fought battle between the 3DS and the NGP
hiredhelp  +   1771d ago
They have already made sucsess with it. alot of very good spec's alot of back up from devs already making games for it.
And with the people complaining of headaches from playing the 3DS nintendo in denial and not given refunds. think its only going one way.
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pain777pas  +   1771d ago
Thank you diehardgamer1000. This NGP thing is a big deal with the casual push in the living room this may be the last core system we get. We have to vote with our dollars people because next gen is going to change. WII was too successful to be ignored. The motion gaming thing is here to stay and if your wise you snag a 3DS and NGP and remember the good old days. Microsoft will go further left without real gamers at the helm there. Better yet people who understand the industry like Shapert, Moore and Allard. Sony has the NGP to fall back on if there is backlash with where Nintendo will take the industry next. Microsoft will follow Nintendo and I have a feeling that Nintendo is going to go in a direction that we didn't see or weren't paying attention to.
Shazz  +   1771d ago
price is the key for most people , my top end is £ 350 i just wouldnt pay more for a handheld if im honest
infamousinfolite  +   1771d ago
That's true. Actually I don't want to pay more than $150 but that ain't happening so I guess around $250...
catguykyou  +   1771d ago
I wouldn't pay more than $299 for one. I'm really hoping it launches at $250 but I'm not holding my breath. Might just be worth it to wait a year for a new design and price drop. By then, there might be some really must have games that are cheap cause they have been out for a year.
hiredhelp  +   1771d ago
a agree price is a issue. but sony said it be cheaper than a ps3.? or simular price i heard.
----------------------------- -------------------------Wikipe dia,
Country Release price Release date
Australia A$349.95 September 1, 2005[50]
India INR19,990 September 1, 2005[51]
Pakistan PKR15,600 September 1, 2005[51]
United Kingdom £179.99 September 1, 2005[52]
Canada CA$229.99 March 22, 2006[53]
Europe €199.99 March 22, 2006[52]
United States US$199.99 March 22, 2006[53]
Chile CLP$169,990 April 4, 2008[54]
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Dart89  +   1771d ago
Talk about shooting you're self in the foot xDD.

In the video go to 4.53 and watch till the end.

My guess the price is anywhere betwen $250-$350.

Related video
vgn24  +   1771d ago
I want it so bad, but the price is too dang high for me. I'm hoping for a drop after 6 months.
DigitalHorror81  +   1771d ago
You've still got 7-9 months to pay on it, why not reserve one for $50 down and put 5$ on it a week?
vgn24  +   1771d ago
Because I don't think it's worth the price they're asking right now. Maybe I'm wrong. I have to wait and see what things look like at launch. I'm not going to blindly jump at any platform. I bought a PSP Go and got burned. I still play my 3000. Waiting just makes more sense.
catguykyou  +   1771d ago
It's worth the price if there are some must own games for it at launch. I'm not buying a 3ds till there is a great game for it (waiting for Zelda in June) and I won't buy the NGP till there is a great must have game for it. No point in buying a console at launch if you are going to have to wait a year before a game you genuinely want comes out. Why I waited for MGS4 before I bought my PS3.
pain777pas  +   1771d ago
At E3 I think it will be clear. There will be glasses 3D for those who want it to compete with the 3DS. There will be serious support. Honestly I expect the best launch lineup of games for any of Sony's systems to date. I have a good feeling about this system. This is the "gamers" system. Many of us are going to game hard on this device one day. Save up now. I'm putting away $700 for the launch of this thing so that I am satisfied with the device. Working helps make these decisions easy. I want variety in my games. I want Uncharted, Wipeout, RR whatever and the hidden gem that shows what the system can do feature wise. As you can see I am truly anticipating this device and may import it if its not region locked.
kingdavid  +   1770d ago
I agree with the price.

The ps3 sure as hell wasnt worth 599 dollars (we had to pay 1000 dollars here in aus!) but now that its worth about half that price its great.

First price drop Ill get one and by then, the games wouldve dropped in value as well.
Godmars290  +   1771d ago
Sony didn't shoot themselves in the foot, much of the media grabbed the gun while Sony held it and in the struggle...

Seriously, everything from Blu-ray and cell to the controller was questioned about the PS3 and only seen as not needed.
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DA_SHREDDER  +   1771d ago
they already shot themselves in the foot. It doesn't have full psn access, no L3 or R3, its an android thats not a phone, wtf else could they possibly do wrong?
a08andan  +   1771d ago
The touchpad on the back can probably act as L3 and R3 when needed :)
Emilio_Estevez  +   1771d ago
Never thought of that, great point. Bubble for u sir.
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Kyur4ThePain  +   1771d ago
Shredder, here...

Go educate yourself before blabbering about shit you know nothing of.
a_bro  +   1771d ago
"It doesn't have full psn access"

it does have full PSN access. like Full just like the PS3, possibly better.
GodofSackboy  +   1771d ago
No...the thumbsticks are clickable. There is L3 and R3. Also back touchpad can act as r2 and l2 and the touchscreen can fill in when needed :)
Ps3thebest   1771d ago | Spam
ksoto  +   1771d ago
Damn no psn access? If thats the case that might be a deal breaker for me, but i am hyped for it and already put 50 pre order down at my gamestop when i payed for my Socom and Mortal Kombat (April 19th cant come soon enough!!)
suicidalblues  +   1771d ago
Don't listen to the bs. There are just as many rumors saying no psn as there are saying full psn. Best advice is just to wait for official news from Sony as the "news" from these so-called gaming sites is far too unreliable nowadays.
ksoto  +   1771d ago
Very true! I would assume it would have some type of PSN access.
blusoops  +   1771d ago
It WILL have PSN access. Even the PSP now has PSN access and the NGP will have even more. You'll be able to buy games, use Qriocity, buy movies, and will use ur PSN for multiplayer and trophies.
Apart from that there will be the "live area" and the "near" functionalities.

What more do u need for it to qualify as "full PSN access"?
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damnyouretall  +   1771d ago
i had the psp the week it was released and i sold it after a month. the games sucked and over the years only a few games were decent. ngp has everything it needs to suceed. it will have good games and great ports. sony has it made this go around. day one preordered.
enkeixpress  +   1771d ago
I can see the Sony NGP doing really well in sales.

Veteran gamers & newcomers to portable gaming will 100% love it.
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vgn24  +   1771d ago
You just encompassed all gamers in your statement. That's a bit much I think.
Stealth20k  +   1771d ago
the psp succeeded

and they hit it on the head. Original content is the only way this will succeed.
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Veneno  +   1770d ago
Gamers are dumb, bro. PSP haters kept saying "where's teh original PSP games?

Sony aswered with Crisis Core, Dissidia, Patapon, Metal Gear solid portable games. And the dumbass haters answered: "Duhh, why don't they make these games for PS3 instead?" Sony can't win with some people because they want to hate.
Raven_Nomad  +   1771d ago
Maybe it's just me, but when I play a portable game I want something I can jump into, have a little fun with for ten or twenty minutes and then put down.

I don't really want a ton of console games, I already have a PS3 and 360 and Wii, so in all honesty it's not something to me that is worth $300 or $400 or knowing Sony more......
enkeixpress  +   1771d ago
See? That's where your wrong. Sony have already stated that they aren't going to be just "dumping" "exclusive PS3-type" of titles onto the NGP.

Your going to be seeing all new "ps3/X360-like" titles as well as "casual" titles that take full advantage of the device's unique capabilities like it's back & front touch-screens, gyroscope, cameras & alot more.

NGP is definately going to be one to take with you the next time your going for a long bus journey or to play whenever you want, where ever you want.
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joeorc  +   1771d ago
Yupper's by the time the NGP launches, it will have over 60 Games from the Playstation Suite!, since the Xperia-Play will also run those very same games, Even the "Playstation Suite" will have core an casual made for it. not just by 3rd party but also Sony 1st party also.
pain777pas  +   1771d ago

Just wanted to add that all the downloadable PSP titles are also compatible and will have minor visual enhancements to boot.
ShyGuy13  +   1771d ago
NGP has no chance against what the 3DS has already done..
Goeres  +   1771d ago
You mean getting outsold by NGPs big brother PSP?

danielle007  +   1771d ago
What, exactly, has the 3DS done that the NGP can't beat?
DigitalHorror81  +   1771d ago
The excellent 4 hours of 3D battery life, for one.

(Laughs hysterically)
pain777pas  +   1771d ago
Dual analog sticks and all the controls and more of a DS3. The screen is better than any portable gaming system right now. 3DS is looking good to me but Im older and the NGP is exactly what I will carry with me when I travel. It can do everything that the 3DS can except 3D WITHOUT glasses. They will have 3D with glasses though either at launch or later on through firmware. 3D with glasses is superior to 3D without but less convenient of course.
frelyler  +   1771d ago
I just have to say this, there are other markets besides America people. If I recall the psp outsold the 3DS in Japan this past month or week. That's pretty damned good for a system everyone writes off as dead and a failure. So, in the American market the psp did not do what they hoped, but overall it was a success. If the original psp was not a success Sony would not have pursued it's successor. Anyone that thinks the NGP is not at least cool is not a gamer and just looking for attention. That's like saying, ah, air is okay, but honestly it's all over the place all the time and helps me do all sorts of cool things, god I hate it. HD on the go, wed access, access to cool content that is not strangles by Apple's greed, connectivity to ps3 as a bonus, come one, you know you think it's cool.
ksoto  +   1771d ago
Yeah it has alot of things going for it and for ppl that say psp was a flop lol your kidding right? PSP sold 60 million plussssss!!!! and is still selling.

With Sony its a catch 22 because when they make hardware its more geared to the hardcore gaming enthusiasts you know the people that like good graphics, alot of power and other options besides just gaming and in doing so the price is usually higher than most consoles/handhelds and they kind of loss alot of casual gamers who dont care about graphics and just want to play pokemon all day, sop that bites them in the butt. What im saying is that their systems are usually geared towards adults and hardcore gamers and not some 10 year old kid wanting to play some bs game so they loss money from a large market of kids whos parents wont buy a PSP for or a PS3.
Sony knows the risks they take and keep doing so and for that i'm happy because i consider myself one of those hardcore gamers that love good gameplay but also good graphics and hardware that can do alot of things. I never bought a Wii for that reason and i bought a DS for my son but i have a PSP. I thank Sony for not feeding into the casual gaming hype to an extreme and still putting performance and quality above all.
Figboy  +   1771d ago
"what went wrong with the PSP?"

um, it's sold more units than the PS3 AND the Xbox 360.

It's sitting at over 60 million units sold at this point. How is that a BAD thing?

It's like, when Sony is involved, the goal post for success just keeps on moving.

Look at the history of handhelds. Not a SINGLE ONE, managed to breach over 8 million units (the Sega Game Gear was the only handheld to reach 8 million. The Atari Lynx, NeoGeo Pocket, NGage, etc, barely reached 1 million. The Game Boy was a monster, and sold over 100 million).

The fact that the PSP managed to penetrate Nintendo's stranglehold on the handheld market is a success. The fact that the PSP has sold over 60 million units is a success.

From a DESIGN standpoint, the PSP is flawed. The lack of a second analog stick really hurt the types of games that the console could effectively pull off. Touch screen wasn't a vital component to handheld gaming, even when the original DS launched (very few DS games used touchscreen in any meaningful way).

NOW, however, with the proliferation of touch screen in mobile and handheld gaming, the lack of that type of interface would be a problem.

From what I know, the PSP2 doesn't have any of those problems. With the combination of it's processing power, dual analog sticks (not nubs), front touch screen, rear touch pad, and it's much more comfortable form factor, I just don't see the machine as being lacking in anything that would significantly harm it's chances as a portable multi-media device.

The screen is gorgeous, with a resolution that is beyond impressive for a handheld. The software lineup is no longer hindered by design flaws, meaning there is no genre that can't be represented to it's fullest on the device. FPS titles, real time strategy games, PSN titles, Minis, etc, the system has it all covered.

Whatever your gaming tastes, software wise, you will more than likely get it.

Peruse the PSP titles that are available on the PlayStation Store, and come back and tell me that the handheld was lacking in diverse, and quality software.

Thanks to it's dual analog sticks, rear touch pad, and motion sensors, I'm pretty positive we'll be able to use the PSP2 as a controller for the PlayStation 3, with the rear touch pad doubling as the L2 and R2 "buttons" (you can tap or swipe the pad on the left and right sides to simulate touching the L2 and R2 buttons).

I can easily imagine playing a game like The Elder Scrolls V, and having the PSP2 screen double as my map/inventory/stats screen, while on my 40" Samsung, I'm still in the game.

I could use the touch screen interface to equip weapons and activate a deeper skill set on the PSP2 screen, using the analog sticks to control my character in game.

Even a game like DC Universe Online could be patched so that your entire skill set could be displayed on the touch screen, and you just tap them to activate.

I wouldn't be surprised to see versions of those games on the PSP2 as their own product, if not an extension to the existing product. Interoperability with the PS3 seems to be of greater promise than with the original PSP.

The machine has more potential for success than failure, and these types of articles seems incredibly premature and lacking in any type of outside the box thinking.

It just really irks me when people write off the PSP as a failure of some kind, when that clearly isn't the case.
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DigitalRaptor  +   1771d ago
Hooray for logic!

Bubbles for epic and truthful analysis! ;)
ThanatosDMC  +   1771d ago
The only thing that went wrong with PSP and now the PSPgo is the rampant piracy that ate up its software sales. If Sony can protect NGP, then third party publishers will support it.
DigitalHorror81  +   1771d ago
Logic wins HERE.

Logicwins, far above, did not.

Thank you for MAKING SENSE where the trolls sat on the sidelines.

Close_Second  +   1771d ago
Having been a PSP owner since 2006 I'm not won over by the NGP yet. I simply hate the size, its lack of portability (cant slip it into your pocket with phones in) and having to buy more memory cards for video and music is just plain 2006 all over again.
cliffbo  +   1771d ago
i wish someone would shoot all these poeple who think they know better than sony does, sony are making money they aint lowering there product price just so they can have more sales like some company i could mention, they know it sells at the price it is so why lower it, and as for the NGP sony will sell it at a fair price, and it will sell in sufficient quantities to make a profit , and they will be happy and anyone who purchases one will be very happy, as they should be when buying a great hand held.

incidentally sony didn't get anything wrong with the psp it sells just fine thank you, but the psp go is another matter.
mcstorm  +   1771d ago
I think the psp was a hit and did Sony well but Nintendo know what to do in the handheld market and have been kings of it since the original gameboy. But if you look at the two markets the ds and psp went after they got. Ds went for allround market as just a games handheld. Psp was ahead of its time when it came out and it is a portable media device for music videos remote play and web browsing as well as a core game platform. Alot of people picked up a psp for the media side rather then the games. I got a psp go so I could use my playtv when I was away and had a few games for it but used it more for media than games. At the time the psp offered me more than anydevice out there but my tablet has replaced my psp now as t can access all my videos and music my home server where I used remote play for this before.
If you look at the NGP it will offers more or leas the same as the psp but with the touch screens and tilt controls they can make both core and none core games and if Sony push it enough it could take a big chunck of the 3ds market as but they will need a good mix of core and none core games and not ports from the ps3 as well as a fair price. I think the Ngp looks amazing and could do very well with its sales. But none of us know what will happen so we will have to wait and see what happens when it is out later this year.
Fel08  +   1771d ago
I can't see this device failing. It is just that good. SONY just need to play their cards right, and this will sell like hot cakes.
Rhezin  +   1771d ago
LogicWins is speaking only facts why the f!ck you idiots would disagree with him is beyond me.

Not all people are made of money and can't afford a ps3 AS WELL as an NGP, if I want awesome graphics I'll just play my ps3. JESUS!
DigitalHorror81  +   1771d ago
Then don't get one. DO WE LOOK LIKE WE GIVE A SHIT?
#20.1 (Edited 1771d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
strickers  +   1771d ago
I agree with the headline.NGP is amazing hardware,seems to have software support and could be the best mobile electronic device out there.Sony need to make smart,open and progressive decisions to back it.
lizard81288  +   1771d ago
lol, in that pic, it looks like the NGP has boobies...
blackburn5  +   1771d ago
The argument that if NGP is as powerful as the PS3 why buy it is an idiotic argument. How pray tell is that relevant? The 3DS just ported SF4 on to their system with the only improvement being the 3D effect and no one complains.Sony is making new versions of popular franchises just like Nintendo is and it is a problem.

How is it that Nintendo making ANOTHER Mario, ANOTHER Pikman, ANOTHER Ace Attorney, most likey ANOTHER Zelda and Pokemon for the 3DS is not a problem but making a Killzone, UC and Resistance for the NGP is grounds to ignore it completely? Didn't Sony say that they were going to make other games besides known franchises? So what is with the negativity? Are you so brainwashed that you can't see that Nintendo is doing basically the same thing with the 3DS that you are accusing the NGP of? @ Rhezin. It is Portable. Por-ta-ble. You can't take your PS3 to school, on planes, buses or on road trip. So you buy the NGP. Why is that so hard to understand?
#23 (Edited 1771d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
danielle007  +   1771d ago
Yeah.. I really can only play the same games so much. But, what else is Nintendo going to do? That's what the fanboys want, and that's what the kiddies want, so more Mario! More Zelda! More Mario Kart! But don't worry: It's completely different! It's in 3D!

But, for the record, every Ace Attorney game has wildly different cases that end up blowing my mind and being super hilarious. Those games and Rhythm Heaven are the only reasons I miss my old DS.

I do think the NGP will end up having more variety, Sony isn't terrified of new IPs, like Nintendo is. Woo!
MEGANE  +   1771d ago
Wat went wrong with psp...nothing...DS just sell better.... sony still made and still making millions with the psp!
danielle007  +   1771d ago
With a reasonable price point, I'll be getting this day 1.

Screw the 3DS. It hurts my eyes, and, if the trend continues, won't have nearly as many games that I'll actually play as the NGP will ..

I <3 the PSP. So many amazing games!
Shnazzyone  +   1770d ago
LOL, sony said the infamous, "it might be more expensive then people are thinking" again. Meaning 400-600 for the system. This should be interesting. I see a repeat of wii vs ps3 coming.
Neko_Mega  +   1770d ago
NGP won't have a problem, this web site is dumb. Touch screens isn't going to be a problem, Sony makes cell phones with touch screen, camera's and computers.

So to think touch screen is going to be a problem, they most not know what they are talking about.
N4Gsukballs  +   1770d ago
i will download an emulator.

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