If Sony Doesn't Shoot Itself in the Foot - NGP Will Succeed

The NGP could repeat history if Sony doesn't learn from their mistakes, so what went wrong with the PSP?

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zootang2536d ago (Edited 2536d ago )

I don't understand all the negativity, do we not want a HD portable console with dual analogue sticks? That can play play films with, search the web and more.

LOGICWINS2536d ago (Edited 2536d ago )

Of course, people would WANT it. The issue is:

How many people who ALREADY own PS3s want to spend ANOTHER $300 on something they basically already have?

Also, how many gamers who don't own a PS3 will be willing to buy an NGP over a PS3 when the PS3 has a Blu-ray player, free internet browser, and 1st and 3rd party support from devs with half a decade of PS3 experience?

diehardgamer10002536d ago

its not portable and therefore they don hv it.keyword PORTABLE

ABizzel12536d ago

The same argument can be said for the 3DS, or 360 or Wii's successor. You're going to be paying for a new console, that will have the same old franchises with very little new anything, outside of 3rd party outings.

Gamers buy consoles, because they like to play games, and it's been stated that every game they've shown while current PS3 franchises are completely new/different games.

That Logic you used was awful.

If that was the case no one would ever buy a Nintendo console, because they've been playing the same franchises since forever. Mario, Mario Kart, Donkey Kong, Zelda, Metroid, Mario Party, and the list goes on.

DigitalHorror812536d ago

For someone by the name of "LogicWins", your comment is full of fail.

LOGICWINS2536d ago (Edited 2536d ago )

In this case thats irrelavent because the NGP is being marketed as a "portable console with PS3 quality games" Why bother with the portable when you can get the real thing with on a bigger screen, 3d support, devs with more experience, and no possibility of having to pay for a 3G service ON TOP of ur regular internet service?

@ABIZZEL- Actually, if u took your Sony blinders off u would understand that Nintendo is a special case since they've been making portable consoles since the 90s! Any portable console that says Nintendo will SELL no matter what. Its called brand familiarity.

Nicaragua2536d ago

Ah - that explains why the gamecube, N64, and virtual boy were all such a runaway success.

Cheers for clearing that up.

suicidalblues2536d ago

Ahh yes, there it is. The 'ol " you disagree so you're a fanboy" argument. Good one Logic. Funny that his comment had no fanboy in it. I own a laptop and a desktop pc, but why? According to you that makes no sense.

Take off your own blinders before accusing others, it'll make you sound smarter.

jeseth2536d ago

@ Logicwins

1)How many low self esteem loser buy the annual iteration of the iphone so they can feel cooler and better about themselves?

2)Because they want it to be portable.


LOGICWINS2536d ago (Edited 2536d ago )

"Any PORTABLE console that says Nintendo will SELL no matter what. Its called brand familiarity."

Re-read my comment Nicaragua

"@ Logicwins

1)How many low self esteem loser buy the annual iteration of the iphone so they can feel cooler and better about themselves?

2)Because they want it to be portable.


1) The fact that u label everyone who buys the Iphone every year as a "low self-esteem loser" says A LOT about ur own self esteem. What gives u the right to say someone has "low-self esteem" because they choose to buy something they like?

2) The Iphone DOESN'T have a big brother that does EVERYTHING it does in a bigger, better way for relatively the SAME price. In a market, where the NGP is $250 and the PS3 is $300...what do u think is going to happen when the NGP is marketed as a "PS3 on the go"?

The only thing that comes close to an Iphone BIG brother as an Ipad or Mac. But guess what, there out of the price range of an Iphone.

To put it more simply:

(Iphone: $200, Ipad:$500, Mac:$1000)

^^THIS WORKS because there priced away from each other

(NGP: $250, PS3: $300


Nicaragua2536d ago

Why would i re-read your edited comment? Dont you have the integrity to admit that you just didnt state your point correctly by including the word portable ?

Have some backbone and credibility for fucks sake.

LOGICWINS2536d ago

Integrity? Credibility? Buddy..why so serious?

Nicaragua2536d ago

Im "so serious" because i didnt wish to phrase what i intended to say in a humorous way.

Still i want to try and be down with the kids so let me give it a try - Logicwins, you are an utter bell end.

LOGICWINS2536d ago

"Still i want to try and be down with the kids so let me give it a try - Logicwins, you are an utter bell end."

Ummm...I don't know what that means.

longcat2536d ago

A MAJOR reason for ppl not giving up CFW is due to the added functionality.

If sony does not have an open app store, this will happen again

Frak2536d ago

these are the worst ponits ever. PS3 is a console while ngp is a hanheld. Sony has ponited that out already just so noobs like u can't type stuff like this.ohh ..wait..too late

Nicaragua2536d ago

Dont worry about it kiddo, its obvious from your comments here that you dont really have much of an understanding about anything.

Kewl_Kat2536d ago

"In this case thats irrelavent because the NGP is being marketed as a "portable console with PS3 quality games" Why bother with the portable when you can get the real thing with on a bigger screen, 3d support, devs with more experience, and no possibility of having to pay for a 3G service ON TOP of ur regular internet service?"

Does. Not. Make. Sense. At. All. It's PORTABLE, that's the whole point. Using your logic (if there's any), laptops are also useless considering they perform the same tasks desktops do. I can't believe people still have to explain the concept of portability to you. Portable device with PS3 graphics quality is one of its selling point. You know why people would bother buying one? The same reason why people would bother buying a 3DS or ipad. If they're on a vacation/plane/airport/hotel/s chool cafeteria, and they wanna have play a videogame to kill some time, then out goes the NGP from their pockets or bags. My PS3 can play mp3s, but I don't sit in front of it and listen to songs, I use my psp for that.

jeseth2536d ago

@ logicwins

Okay, apparently you can spew sarcasm and stereotypes but can't comprehend it when someone come back at you with it.

1) How about just, people that "have to" have the annual iteration of an iphone. Is that better for you. And they are not $200 when you buy one before your contract is up. But people will continue to shell out $$$ year after year just to have the newest thing, why then is it so hard for you to believe that people wouldn't/shouldn't buy the NGP/PSP2 when its release date relative to its predecessor is several years apart and has exceptionally better tech. Ur logic fails.

2) Are you seriously so dense that you still don't get we are talking PORTABLE vs. CONSOLE? Unbelievable. Your argument and logic about PS3 vs. NGP continues to fail.

I also think its funny that you have to take a generalized statement and turn it into a personal insult. This shows your ignorance and also makes you look increasingly weaker in an argument you are losing badly.

Sticks and stones buddy, doesn't change that your argument is trash.

I hope you can't vote.

Trroy2536d ago


You realize that the PSP cost more than the PS2 when it was released, right?

And the DS cost more than the GameCube?

And the 3DS costs more than the Wii?

...and so on?

firefoxprime2536d ago

Haha...this is hilarious.
Sony fans fightin sony fans...truly truly pathetic.

Here's the bottom line. The psp was a portable ps2 right? Same will be said for the NGP. A portable PS3.

I will be upgrading my ps2 later this year. To a PS3? or an NGP?

LogicWins makes a strong case. As a consumer in an unstable economy, I'd purchase the PS3. Larger game library...bluray and such. Also, its multiplayer, so more people can enjoy.

Regarding the NGP, its so similiar to the PS3. The contrast between the DS and the Wii are so "appearant". Alot of psp gamers are ps2/ps3 gamers. They all feel under the impression of having a console gaming experience on the go. The games played on the psp were titles that were down scaled from their brother consoles.

Sometimes a psp game is so sucessful, that its reverse port to the PS2! Jak&Daxter:The Lost Frontier/Burnout:Dominator. Both titles stem from amazing franchises, yet their gameplay mechanics felt restricted on the PS2.

My point is that these gamers demand a console experience on a handheld, and are dissapointed when such experience is lacking. They want 2 analogs for better camera movement. Larger screen, better online capabalities. Yet, its still NOT a true console experience. And "that" is why the mentallity of those sony handheld gamers are so poor.

As a consumer, I want the most out of my money. The best experience I can moderately buy. So I will definetely play Killzone and Uncharted on the PS3 with a tv, analog controllers, not restricted to a minute handheld experience.

Backround: I own both sony/nintendo consoles/handhelds. I'm not bound to one console or company like many gamers are with their stupid mentalities.

NiKK_4192536d ago

@LOGICWINS (ironic name btw)
You do know that that price for the iPhone is on contract right? That is the only reason it is that much cheaper. The iPhone off contract is about as much as iPad which is like $600 to $850, not $500 (unless yu are talking about the first iPad, but that is the price AFTER the iPad 2 $500 is incorrect either way)

Anyway, all of these Apple products are extremely overpriced and all of them are close to the price of a Mac, so by your logic everyone should just buy a Mac instead and forget about portability (even though a Mac does way more than an iphone or ipad and is almost the same price) but in the case of the NGP, remember, it is brand new, the price of the ps3 was $600 when it released, and this could very well be even better than the i dint know what you are trying to say

RyuStrife2536d ago

Tell me this, LOGICWINS, how do I play my ps3 on a bus, plane, car, or boat? Carry a portable tv and battery? Do you know how big that will end up being? What if my relatives don't have a ps3 while I'm visiting?

I could just take out the NGP and play that instead. Besides, there will be games made for NGP only that will not appear on PS3.

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news4geeks2536d ago (Edited 2536d ago )

apparently we don't. Some people appear to be genuinely pissed off at NGP having near ps3 graphics. I've seen articles and arguments along the lines of, "I'm not buying it because I might as well buy a console if the graphics are going to be that good". Or, "who wants to be able to have a console experience on the go when you could have it at home with a big TV". Yeah, pretty ridiculous and completely missing the point(the main point being a console experience anywhere at anytime). It's as though they are desperate for a lesser experience.

edit: logicwins proving my point :)

Parapraxis2536d ago

Agreed, his "logic" FAILS.

catguykyou2536d ago

There are genuinely a lot of people that just invested in PS3 either this year or last year that are very vocal about their purchase. They don't want to feel like they are behind the times yet again because they just caught up with the current gen stuff. These tend to be the same people who come on here and complain anytime anything xbox720 or ps4 is mentioned stating that its too soon or that Sony said 10 year life cycle without looking at the history of consoles. Sony has stated 10 year life cycles for all their systems which they have all gotten but they released a new console halfway through that life cycle as well. Face it people. Next gen is close at hand. Next gen portables are here and next gen consoles aren't far behind.

Kewl_Kat2536d ago

LOGICWINS should change his username to IRONYWINS

infamousinfolite2536d ago

The way I see sony shooting itself in the foot is how the NGP will work out I think it was the pirating of games that made the psp stand under the DS (someone correct) that and also the 3DS like Logic Wins said Nintendo the brand name that everyone knows and since Nintendo=3DS that'll be a hard fought battle between the 3DS and the NGP

hiredhelp2536d ago (Edited 2536d ago )

They have already made sucsess with it. alot of very good spec's alot of back up from devs already making games for it.
And with the people complaining of headaches from playing the 3DS nintendo in denial and not given refunds. think its only going one way.

pain777pas2536d ago

Thank you diehardgamer1000. This NGP thing is a big deal with the casual push in the living room this may be the last core system we get. We have to vote with our dollars people because next gen is going to change. WII was too successful to be ignored. The motion gaming thing is here to stay and if your wise you snag a 3DS and NGP and remember the good old days. Microsoft will go further left without real gamers at the helm there. Better yet people who understand the industry like Shapert, Moore and Allard. Sony has the NGP to fall back on if there is backlash with where Nintendo will take the industry next. Microsoft will follow Nintendo and I have a feeling that Nintendo is going to go in a direction that we didn't see or weren't paying attention to.

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Shazz2536d ago

price is the key for most people , my top end is £ 350 i just wouldnt pay more for a handheld if im honest

infamousinfolite2536d ago

That's true. Actually I don't want to pay more than $150 but that ain't happening so I guess around $250...

catguykyou2536d ago

I wouldn't pay more than $299 for one. I'm really hoping it launches at $250 but I'm not holding my breath. Might just be worth it to wait a year for a new design and price drop. By then, there might be some really must have games that are cheap cause they have been out for a year.

hiredhelp2536d ago (Edited 2536d ago )

a agree price is a issue. but sony said it be cheaper than a ps3.? or simular price i heard.
----------------------------- -------------------------Wikipe dia,
Country Release price Release date
Australia A$349.95 September 1, 2005[50]
India INR19,990 September 1, 2005[51]
Pakistan PKR15,600 September 1, 2005[51]
United Kingdom £179.99 September 1, 2005[52]
Canada CA$229.99 March 22, 2006[53]
Europe €199.99 March 22, 2006[52]
United States US$199.99 March 22, 2006[53]
Chile CLP$169,990 April 4, 2008[54]

Dart892536d ago

Talk about shooting you're self in the foot xDD.

In the video go to 4.53 and watch till the end.

My guess the price is anywhere betwen $250-$350.

vgn242536d ago

I want it so bad, but the price is too dang high for me. I'm hoping for a drop after 6 months.

DigitalHorror812536d ago

You've still got 7-9 months to pay on it, why not reserve one for $50 down and put 5$ on it a week?

vgn242536d ago

Because I don't think it's worth the price they're asking right now. Maybe I'm wrong. I have to wait and see what things look like at launch. I'm not going to blindly jump at any platform. I bought a PSP Go and got burned. I still play my 3000. Waiting just makes more sense.

catguykyou2536d ago

It's worth the price if there are some must own games for it at launch. I'm not buying a 3ds till there is a great game for it (waiting for Zelda in June) and I won't buy the NGP till there is a great must have game for it. No point in buying a console at launch if you are going to have to wait a year before a game you genuinely want comes out. Why I waited for MGS4 before I bought my PS3.

pain777pas2536d ago

At E3 I think it will be clear. There will be glasses 3D for those who want it to compete with the 3DS. There will be serious support. Honestly I expect the best launch lineup of games for any of Sony's systems to date. I have a good feeling about this system. This is the "gamers" system. Many of us are going to game hard on this device one day. Save up now. I'm putting away $700 for the launch of this thing so that I am satisfied with the device. Working helps make these decisions easy. I want variety in my games. I want Uncharted, Wipeout, RR whatever and the hidden gem that shows what the system can do feature wise. As you can see I am truly anticipating this device and may import it if its not region locked.

kingdavid2535d ago

I agree with the price.

The ps3 sure as hell wasnt worth 599 dollars (we had to pay 1000 dollars here in aus!) but now that its worth about half that price its great.

First price drop Ill get one and by then, the games wouldve dropped in value as well.

Godmars2902536d ago (Edited 2536d ago )

Sony didn't shoot themselves in the foot, much of the media grabbed the gun while Sony held it and in the struggle...

Seriously, everything from Blu-ray and cell to the controller was questioned about the PS3 and only seen as not needed.