PS3's Guitar Hero III Dongle Explained, Leading to More Questions

Answers are slowly starting to emerge about the mysterious dongle the PS3 uses for wireless guitar capabilities in Guitar Hero III raising more questions. Meanwhile, Harmonix and Red Octane blame Sony. This isn't just a GH III problem. Rock Band will also use some sort of PS3 dongle, which might explain a lot about why there isn't a Wii version of Rock Band announced yet. Although it's completely disputable, here's the basic idea: Two USB ports on the back of the Wii for the drum and mic (which are wired on every console), then if Harmonix wants the guitars to be wireless they need to design a guitar modeled around the Wiimote to plug into so that Rock Band does the same signal hijack that GH III accomplishes.

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Cat4080d ago

sounds kinda gross, huh? originally it meant a small piece of hardware intended to authenticate software, without it software runs restricted. here, i think it just means a key required for the wireless.

lonestarmt4080d ago

its this silly thing you have to plug into the ps3 to let you use the wireless guitar for the game. its stupid.

lonestarmt4080d ago

this is dumb, how is it's sony's fault. I sense another case that they ported over again, and they spent little time on the ps3 version. sigh............

Lightning Mr Bubbles4080d ago

If so, I don't see the any big issue here. This game use to be cool, but then Rock Band happened.

lonestarmt4080d ago

yup comes in the box, so you don't have to pay extra or anything.

Cat4080d ago

it's true, rockband/harmonix have raised the bar. and GH rocks the eighties was lame.

wil4hire4080d ago

Why not use stuff that is openly available?

Real Gambler4080d ago

Currently, I have 5 and I am planning to buy two more controllers with rumble as soon as they come out...

Two controllers (soon to be 4), one headset, one keyboard, and one mouse... OK, I could live without the mouse, but no way I'm loosing the keyboard or the headset. So what will it be. I play the guitar, and I have to reprogram a controller after?

I find the dongle solution fine. I admit they are ugly and a plain USB key type dongle would have been enough. I'm also wondering why you need one for each device, like the picture is showing. Just one dongle should be fine (Proof, you only need one dongle for those wireless keyboard mouse combo) . In fact, a better design would have be a small box where you could plug the drum and other wired devices, and wireless communication from that box to ONE wireless dongle (or using only one blutooth channel). This way, you could move your stuff away farther from the console. I guess the devices were already too expensive.

SnakeCL4080d ago

You do realize that everything re-synchs right? When you turn one controller off, its not using that channel on the PS3.

So you play Rock Band with all the accessories via Bluetooth, then when you're all done you turn off the controllers and synch up the kb/m again.

Naruto4080d ago (Edited 4080d ago )

Wow the 360 has wired controllers for Guitar Hero 2 and watch 360 fans is going choose this to bash the PS3

also Rock Band for the 360 has a wired controller

lonestarmt4080d ago (Edited 4080d ago )

yeah they say ah!!!! its another proof that the ps3 system is weak! and games are better on the 360. Just mean there lazy bastards. You have a system with wifi and blu-tooth and they have to make use this? its really not a big deal, but its just going to give some people silly ammunition for stuff.

Syko4080d ago

Hey buddy if you are talking about GH2 then that's fine. But Guitar Hero 3 comes with a fully integrated MS approved wireless set-up for the same price. Rock Band However comes with Wired in the bundle where as PS3 is wireless (With dongle also).

Seriously I have said it quite a few times though. I do prefer the wired for Guitar Hero just because of the play time I devote to it(No Batteries) and because when I am playing Expert I am not trying to dance on my couches and ZZ Top spin the guitar. However it does suck when the dog runs by and pulls out my cord =(.

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The story is too old to be commented.