Folklore: An Unexpected Treasure With a Wonderfully Told Story

AMN gives Folklore an 8.9/10 rating the game from visuals to gameplay to lasting appeal.

Don't let any Pokemon remarks taint you, right when you meet the first "Folks" in the tavern you feel like you are in Tim Burton's rendition of Star Wars. The Celtic overtones give way to an ever present mysterious feeling to the story and locals.

The two main characters also are interesting from the start. Keats is the man-of-science hardliner with a curiosity towards the paranormal. So much so, that he is an editorialist for a paranormal magazine. Ellen is a young girl that lost her mother to an unknown cause at an even earlier age. Eerily, a note was sent from her mother, to Ellen. This sets the tone for the pensive thriller that is Folklore.

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nasim4085d ago

FOLKLORE is miless better than Blue Dragon,eternal sonata or any JRPG on X360

Lightning Mr Bubbles4085d ago

Today, I just don't have the money.

doublertist4085d ago

on the way into work this morning, my boss is lucky i used all my sick days so i couldnt use it to go home and play right now

Baba19064085d ago

most europe has to wait till next week. cry....

sheng long4085d ago

I bought and really liked it. It will be hours of pure fun.

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The story is too old to be commented.