When Multiplayer Was Fun: How Xbox LIVE Changed Gaming

KC Garcia writes, "I remember a time in my childhood where my friend and I would take turns playing Super Metroid while my shared the tasty treat known as the Fruit Roll-Up. Every time one of us would die or defeat a boss, we would pass the controller to the other; there was no whining. It even got a little silly when we decided to play the 'who could kill Samus in the most creative way' game. And although there weren't many distinct ways to kill of Ms. Aran – a task that just grew even more ridiculous and time-consuming once most of the Energy Tanks had been collected – it was all just great fun. I also recall sitting with several of my fiends and their brothers while we all partook in a rousing game of Bomberman; oh, there was a naught a sadistic symphony so sweet as the explosion of hearts. The banter like a Pentecostal church; sighs and profanity. And such vibrant commentary, more than usual from my own gob. If remember correctly it sounded something to the effect, “ I heard you like Jello”, when I kicked a jelly bomb. Or “ I wouldn’t go there if I was you”, immediately followed by, “told you not to go there". Controllers were dropped or even thrown, marked with the orange glow of their previous owner's digits, it was a damn good time."

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TotalPS3Fanboy2781d ago (Edited 2781d ago )

by charging for something that is free everywhere else.

stevenhiggster2781d ago (Edited 2781d ago )

Charging for something the PC had been doing free since the late 80's. Online competitive multiplayer has been around a lot longer than xbox live!
Trash talking, although not exclusive to xbox live, is most rife among the xbox live community though.

DrHouse2781d ago (Edited 2781d ago )

You are living up to your name. Grats.

Also, at the time, Xbox live offered an online multiplayer experience that was unrivaled. I remember the Halo 2 days.... good times...

bumnut2781d ago

unrivalled on console

DrHouse2780d ago

On console* I was a huge AOE junkie at the time. Thats PC gaming at its finest.

whitesoxfalife2781d ago

lame comment dude......... yea live did change the game but it wasnt live that done it homage to the dreamcast, it had the ummm 56k modem in it... hell when i tried out sony's online on the ps2 i thought it was the shit til i got a xbox in 03 and well i never look back, for real the ability to play wit anybody from around da world on broadband speeds in them years was just unheard of.... so really its not about live changing the game it just how far we have came in this day of age in gaming overall period...... if u look at it we gamers are spoiled as hell we almost the first to try out new things tech wise that pushes and open other avenues up in a sense!!!!!!!!!!!

DasTier2781d ago

I thought this was going to be a rant about how xbox live parties ruined the atmosphere of the game by having people not talking, which is most often the case. However, it wasn't. It just seems your butt hurt over the evolution of gaming from local to over the internet. Also your comments about racism and offensive behaviour don't just apply to xbox live, saying that is just ignorent, ive heard offensive comments and remarks on consoles and pc gaming. This article should be called "When Multiplayer Was Just As Fun As It Is Now: How I Bum Split Screen Multiplayer".

litlmutt2781d ago

I can say in my years of both console and PC gaming, xbox live seems to be the seedy underbelly of A-holes. Maybe its cause its the most popular area and most accessible, but its definitely the worst. Im not saying that Steam is free of its gripes, its just way less common.

My point in the article was that gaming is also becoming less social because of xbox live. Thats why I talk about gaming when I was younger on NES and SNES.

NYC_Gamer2781d ago

how is it becoming less social?you can log on xbl,steam and psn and talk with people from all around the world.

B1663r2781d ago

The number one issue I have on Steam is having to kick people from a game because they don't have a mic...

And then also on steam you get the guy who has selected as his sound source "record what you hear"

And there is no more or less trash talk on xbl than there is steam... Which is to say, just leave games if you find someone trash talking and find a game where people don't trash talk...

Better yet, play a game that people don't trash talk in.

litlmutt2781d ago (Edited 2781d ago )

There is a difference between talking and doing.

I'm comparing talking on the phone to actually hanging out.

Even though you are speaking to all these people, how many are memorable, how many have you forged friendships with?

I'm not doubting thats happened, it has for me and I actually have a solid group of guys from Boston that I game with, but I am saying its completely different from gaming with friends in person. Unless you broke night passing around a controller while everyone took turns playing Final Fantasy 7, im afraid you wont get it.

P.S. When Aeris (Aerith) died, everyone suddenly had to go to the bathroom or had allergies.

guigsy2781d ago

It's like arguing that we are losing the art of face-to-face conversation because of the way people interact with their mobiles and over the internet. It's called the evolution of technology, get with it or get left behind.

JasonBloodbourne2781d ago

u just summed it up my friend!

and on the trash talk etc just let it go over your head! if u can't then think of a suitable retort and make them look stupid! works every time.

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