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GamerNode: It's no secret that first-person shooters have stagnated. Carbon copies with shinier textures continue to sell incredibly well. Like these clones, Crysis 2 does little to create new material in the genre, though it cobbles together disparate gameplay elements that do create a level of interest that another modern Middle East liberation sim can't. All the trappings are there, to be sure: reward-driven online multiplayer, customizable campaign attributes, the infamous "sandbox gameplay"... but haven't I done this already?

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Tachyon_Nova2781d ago (Edited 2781d ago )

The review is so poor its not worth reading. It makes so many unexplained points that its clear the authour has something against the game. Here's some examples.

"Even aside from the fidelity, the design of "Independence Day" New York City has all the detail, destructible cover, and breathtaking set pieces that a modern shooter could dish out. Unfortunately, it's a little redundant." - No explanation off the back of this at all. How is it redundant? You've just described soemthing that sounds cool and then called it redundant, what is the reader supposed to take from this?

"These choices are the saving grace of Crysis 2, because without the somewhat limited toolset available, I'd give up after the first firefight ended in dues ex machina number one" - Don't even know what the hell this means, but Crysis 2 gives you amuch larger toolset than most games.

"The problem is that after four or five levels, the unique mechanics have been worn to a repetitive nub, despite the upgradeable Nanosuit abilities and parkour-oriented level design. There are varying locales, but a disappointing formula applied to all of them." What is dissapointing about the level formula? From my experience each level gives you the option to deploy a different plan of approach than the previous level. Again, explain what you mean when you make a major point like that!

"The whole thing is so disjointed, I barely ever knew my next objective or why I might be headed towards it. I think there was something about killing aliens..." If you couldn't follow the story in Crysis 2 then you must be suffering serious brain damage, which would explain the wuality of the review.

"To top it all off, overheard dialogue in the first level amounts to "Those damn aliens better get of our land!"" - Really, because I over heard the AI talking about why Dominic Lockhart wants to kill prophet so badly. You also get to hear them talking about whats happening in the background and you can overhear them giving orders and reporting in if you make them aware of your presence.

" Just like the campaign, though, these aspects wear down as quickly as the mediocre gunplay" - Whats wrong with the gunplay? Its really smooth from what I've played...

And to sum it up "Final Word: Crysis 2 does little to create new material in the genre" - Crysis 2 has got to have one of the most unique FPS campaigns released in the last few years and thats what you have to say to it....

GamerEuphoria2781d ago

You sir have indeed made more valid points than the review :D