Xbox 360 ‘System Update’ Now Live for Testers

Yesterday afternoon, Xbox 360 users got email notifications that indicated whether or not they have been accepted into the latest Xbox 360 system update beta and the update is now live.

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MGRogue20172785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

Have fun...

I'm not allowed to have it 'cause I'm in the UK.. :(

I don't know why Microsoft can't just let residents outside of the US to test the dashboard but without giving away a free copy of Halo Reach.

I just want to test the dashboard, that's all.. I don't care about free copy of Halo Reach. I even participated in their last two private betas & I gave alot of good feedback in their forums as well that believe it or not, actually somewhat effected the final release build of the 360 OS.

Very lame, Microsoft..

Swoon2785d ago

Same here! I suppose there aren't any new features in the update (that we know of) but it would be great if they let us UK folks participate! You never know, we might hear something soon.

Solid_Snake-2785d ago

its supposed to be giving trouble to flashed xboxes.

if your modded id avoid it.

thats from reliable source.

lashes2ashes2784d ago

the copy of halo reach is for the update. its to see if the update works with the game. if you dont get the disc you cant test this update. stop bitching and do some reading before you post

typikal822785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

Time to turn on my 360

Nevermind, I'm in the disc audience. Time to wait, lol.

zeal0us2784d ago

your not missing anything dude

Turned my 360 on did an update and only got xbox beta section WOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!

Now I'm just waiting for my Halo reach disc, a free game is a free game. Hope M$ don't expect on getting the disc back lol.

7SBuzzLightyear7S2785d ago

There is nothing to test in regards to the dashboard. Without the game disc, the dashboard remains pointless.

Wikkid6662785d ago

There will be lots to test besides the new disc format.

The game disc is only for one thing and that's to provide another way to install the dash update. This is mandatory update due to the new disc format. So there will be many upcoming releases with the dash update on them for those who don't connect to the internet.

7SBuzzLightyear7S2785d ago

Well yeah, the disc is another method to install the update. But the disc itself is a new format, which contains more security checks and has more capacity, since they have removed something.

Wikkid6662785d ago

The point is that... the disc format with be the least tangible thing with the whole preview program. So your entire statement doesn't make sense at all.

B1663r2785d ago

First rule of XBLU Club is you don't talk about XBLU Club.

Convas2785d ago

Wait hold up ... why is Examiner claiming they know the specifics of the new disc format? There's been no official word besides that of a hacker who may or may not have any information whatsoever.

dirthurts2785d ago

It's obviously DVD18 format. It will give them around 1.6 more gigs to play with. It's already compatible with the 360 lens so it's an easy update.

Counter Strike2785d ago

and im in UK and didnt even try to get acess... lol