Microsoft Doesn’t Care About Its Xbox Fanbase

MMGN writes: So what exactly are Microsoft’s intentions? It seems to be quite clear. In creating a new brand (Kinect), attracting a new market (the casual “non-gamer” market), offering an accessible and cheap development platform (with the launch of a new XDK), and changing its entire direction, it is hoping to redefine the Xbox brand.

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Wenis2756d ago

The free Halo reach disc I'll be getting from Microsoft says otherwise.

Gaetano2756d ago ShowReplies(1)
alien6262756d ago

u getting use by M$ u r a test subject

FarEastOrient2756d ago

It's not Microsoft's fault, its Steve Ballmer the killer of the courier, phone 7, and windows tablet.

edhe2756d ago


Man signs up for Beta
Fanboi accuses Beta tester of being a "TEST SUBJECT"
Yes. Yes he is.

He *chose* to be.

Congratulations for your in depth analysis!

blackbeld2756d ago

"Microsoft Doesn’t Care About Its Xbox Fanbase"

Nothing new here. Everybody should know this by now. It's not only M$ also $ony doing the same thing.

Multinationals are all the same. But I have to admit M$ nailing they're consumers more than other multinationals.

inveni02756d ago

This is stupid. Ever heard of market saturation? Microsoft think they hit that with the hardcore audience. So, they wanted to expand their market with the 360 before the roll out the new console. It's not a big deal. Once they feel Kinect is saturated, they'll move back to hardcore games or a new console.

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moparful992756d ago

So getting a free copy of a game you already own for test purposes means that microsoft cares about you?

newhumanbreed2756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )

Not everyone owns Halo: Reach, and uhh I don't own the game, yet... So yes, Micrsoft cares enough to send me a free copy to be a test subject.

antz11042756d ago

UM.....its FREE, and how do you know he owns it? Hey looks it's a conclusion, you should jump at it:/

Even if he does its worth $25.25 trade-in on amazon. Still pretty good.

kagon012756d ago

I play Multiplayer games on PSN for free...

Does Sony care for me?


kaveti66162756d ago

That's what's so funny.

You see, these people actually believe that because PSN is free, Sony must care more about them than Microsoft cares about its userbase.

They don't realize that Sony does not charge for PSN simply because they've tested their audiences in focus groups and have decided that they cannot get away with charging them for PSN, whereas Microsoft has tested their own audience and seen that they would be willing to pay.

Now, the PS3 fanboys might spin this in their favor, but what they will immediately dismiss is that Sony certainly does overcharge for many of its other product lines. For example, Sony's thumb drives are notoriously overpriced. A 2 gig Sony micrvault thumbdrive costs 20 bucks on Amazon. An 8 gig PNY thumbdrive costs 16 bucks.

The same situation occurs with their computer hardware. Their VAIO laptops of the same speculations as any other third party laptop cost hundreds of dollars more.

Sony doesn't care for its consumers any more than Microsft cares for its consumers.

They both take advantages of their consumers whenever they can in whatever way they can.

Microsoft overprices their products in cases where its been shown that it wont affect sales negatively, and Sony has done the same thing.

And anyway, this argument about exclusives has been going on for a long time. Microsoft has only a fraction of the number of studios that Sony has.

Even if MS was purely dedicated to hardcore games, the Sony fanboys would still say that they aren't because Sony would still have a larger lineup.

JohnnyBadfinger2756d ago

Kaveti6616... I take my hat that im not wearing off to you.

Sony get their money from their products... MS get theirs from their service. The PS3 is still far over priced for its age... and it aint gunna get any cheaper cause Sony cant afford to drop much lower than it is and still come out with a sizeable profit.

Business dont care about your feelings you likes and interests they care about those notes in your wallet.

Whats wrong with the Xbox working 2 audiences? Kids as you get older you do loose interest in games... i only plan on getting 3 this year and they are at the end of the year. and i cant really see myself playing video games for much longer... my interests are more work and weekend related now... 2 hrs a week is alot of game time for me.... usually a Sunday afternoon once all the sport on tv is finished

winflasher02756d ago

"Now, the PS3 fanboys might spin this in their favor, but what they will immediately dismiss is that Sony certainly does overcharge for many of its other product lines. For example, Sony's thumb drives are notoriously overpriced. A 2 gig Sony micrvault thumbdrive costs 20 bucks on Amazon. An 8 gig PNY thumbdrive costs 16 bucks."

What do those devices have to do with playstation.

JohnnyBadfinger2756d ago


Dunno mate i never mentioned them, you quoted the wrong guy buddy.

However its still relevant. Sony produce more products and sell at a higher price... they already charge far to much for the PS3 so if Sony turned around and charged you for online gaming would you still stick with it?

Let me guess? yes, because your a "gamer" and the PS3 has all your favourite franchises?

Dont be a hypocrite, your precious PS3 Sony device isnt that fantasic for you to stand on holding your head high.

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RememberThe3572756d ago

Haha I'm inclined to agree. Thats pretty damn cool of them. And to say that Microsoft Game Studio isn't about gaming is borderline retarded. There are people that work for them that eat, sleep, and breath gaming. Some other decisions that are made by the higher ups at MS may suck but MGS is working with what they have.

I'm not a fan of a lot of things that MS does but I don't question their dedication to gaming. They've sunk enough resources in it to convince me that they're serious.

Redgehammer2756d ago

I agree. I am part of that fanbase and I certainly do not feel that MS has forgotten me. I have mentioned in other comments that I love my 360, and that is as true today as it was the first time I played GRAW 2. What kills me is that MS had more exclusives in 2010 than SONY, and SONY has more in 2011. Big deal. I think in the 35 years I have been in love with video games, that this is the best time ever to be a gamer regardless of the system.

KotC2756d ago

A free Halo disc and hassle free online with no army of hackers on a revenge quest are all worth it. Kinect is fun and core games are still rolling in left and right. This all sounds like a massave PS3 fanbase damage controll that this site is well known for. Move failed and Kinect didn't, get over it. Maybe the PS3 horde above are just pissy because they havn't been able to log on to PSN for a week.

navysealrb2756d ago

Where to point out that you're wrong. well first off, the "attack" hasn't been going on for a week but a few days. I have had no problem what so ever connecting to PSN and playing (free). Core games are not rolling left to right, but you almost got me with dance central and zumba. we aren't pissy at all. I'm enjoying the plentiful variety of exclusives we had and I feel sympathetic for true core gamers on the 360. Think about it, they are turning away from what made them so popular. Now all you guys have forward to looking at is waving your arms in the air games. Oh and I would like to know your definition for failure, if it is sales then I guess Lamborghini's fail, the orginal xbox failed, and anything of that sort. Your logic is flawed :)

TXIDarkAvenger2756d ago


Kinect isn't replacing the controller dumbass. Xbox is gearing itself to be an awesome system for EVERYONE. Now xbox isn't only appealing to core gamers but also to others. Xbox is awesome, but I don't go trolling on PS3 posts saying xbox is better than PS3. How's playstation home?

miyamoto2755d ago

i hope Ballmer doesn't count your free halo:Reach copy as shipped nor sold

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SilverSlug2756d ago

I'm not even a Microsoft fan and I disagree with this. I think most of what they do is to make money and keep consumers happy.

plb2756d ago

Ms will simply rely on multiplats for core gamers while they make kinect games.

Blaze9292756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )

And what's wrong with that? Everytime time the data shows, multiplatforms sell more on the 360. So if that's what the 360 userbase wants and likes with the occasional gears of war or halo title, why should Microsoft focus so much on securing/making exclusives when they are letting 3rd parties on their dimes take care of the "hardcore" crowd FOR them?

Show me a group of 360 owners complaining about lack of exclusives and then we'll talk.

I mean technically that's what they do. Microsoft saying here, we put out the hardware and tools you need to succeed, now you all make the games for it while we focus on our xbox live service and more.

BioDemon-2756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )

100% agree with this, I have so many core multiplat games this year to play it's ridiculous, I could care less about exclusives.

TotalPS3Fanboy2756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )

so they can play all those multi-platform Xbox 360 games and exclusive PS3 games too.

In other word, Sony win. DUN DUN DUN!

PS - This article speaks the truth and it displeases not only me, but hardcore 360 gamers too.

TheBlackSmoke2756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )

2010 notable multiplats

(For my source I used vg chartz who are a known xbot fansite and yet the numbers still tell it like it is)

Darksiders - PS3
Bayonetta - PS3
Super Street fighter 4 - PS3
Dante's Inferno - PS3
Bioshock 2 - 360
Resident evil 5 gold edition - PS3
Final Fantasy 13 - PS3
Read dead redemption - 360
Blazblu continuum shift - PS3
Lost planet 2 - PS3
Battlefield bc2- 360
PoP: The forgotten sands - PS3
Blur - PS3
Split second - PS3
Castlevania LOS - PS3
Spider-man shattered dimensions - PS3
F1 2010 - PS3
FIFA 11 - PS3
PES 2011 - PS3
Medal of honor - 360
Naruto Shippuden UNS2 - PS3
Vanquish - PS3
Dead rising - 360
Fallout:nv - 360
COD:blops - 360
Assasins creed:Brotherhood - EVEN
NFS: hot pursuit - PS3


2007 arguments belong in 2007. The 360 still can hang but its not even close to being one sided with software sales anymore. EA and Ubisoft have even stated that PS3 generates more money for them.

palaeomerus2756d ago

Title: XB360/PS3/Total
Darksiders - .83/.87/1.7 mil (no on demand sales listed)

Bayonetta - .8/.89/1.69 mil (Ps3 version was inferior)

Super Street fighter 4 - .72/1.05/1.77 mil (no on demand sales listed)

Dante's Inferno - .7/.84/1.54 mil (PS3 version had extras)

Bioshock 2 - 1.77/1.01/ 2.78 mil

Resident evil 5 gold edition GOLD EDITION ONLY?
LOL! GTFO! (extras on 360 version were download only) No sales data is listed for EITHER VERSION at VGCHARTZ

Final Fantasy 13 - 1.78/4.57/6.35 mil (360 version inferior)

Read dead redemption - 4.34/3.68/8.02 mil

Blaz Blu continuum shift - .12/.18/.3 mil

Lost Planet 2 - .59/.67/1.26 mil

Battlefield bc2- 2.9/2.2/5.1 mil

PoP: The forgotten sands - .46/.52/.98 mil (on demand sales not listed)

Blur - .41/.37/.78 mil (on demand sales not listed) (PS3 had lower not higher sales)

Split second - .42/.44/.86 mil

Castlevania LOS - .33/.49/.82 mil

Spider-man Shattered dimensions - .26/.27/.53 mil

F1 2010 - 1/.72/1.72 mil (Europe)

FIFA 11 - PS3 3.09/4.05/7.14 mil (Europe)

PES 2011 - 1.05/2.07/3.12 mil (Europe)

Medal of honor - 2.20/2.13/4.33 mil

Naruto Shippuden UNS2 - .78/.5/1.28 mil

Vanquish - .24/.32/.76 mil

Dead rising 2 - 1.06/.95/2.01 mil

Fallout:nv - 2.55/1.65/4.20 mil

COD:blops - 12.13/9.76/21.89 mil

Assasins creed:Brotherhood - 3.57/3.25/6.82 mil (not "even" given you don't call other similar sales levels even, including closer ones)

NFS: hot pursuit - 1.62/1.77/3.39 mil

So, a lot of those games you mentioned had piddly sales. Many had very similar sales levels. You got Blur wrong, and called Assbro "even" when it was 360 by more than comparable things you called for PS3. You mentioned RE:5 gold when there are no stats for it on CG CHartz. To top it all off this is VGchartz ANYWAY. A lot of it was EUrope stuff where the US and Japanese audience is TINY.

Finally, you mention 2010 instead of games that came out at the same time THIS YEAR.

WTF? dude?

gcolley2756d ago

you both need to get a life

gypsygib2756d ago

People should just buy both consoles, enjoy all the great games and end the troll wars and start the true fanboy wars, where every opinion is based on personal experiences from having both consoles that you love but for whatever ever reason, love one more.

Instead of people stating opinions about other consoles because they hate/jealous/bitter that they don't have it.

Raf1k12756d ago

There are plenty of gamers who own both systems and IMO the reason why multiplats sell more on 360 is because of this reason. The 360 is better for socialising while gaming largely due to it's cross game chat. It would therefore make sense to get the 360 version of a game as the PS3 versions hardly ever have some sort of an advantage.

Then there's the fact that there are around 10 million more 360s in the US than PS3s. The PS3 advantage in the Far East isn't doesn't quite cancel that out since western games don't sell very well over there.

Aarix2756d ago

You won't hear it from me the only exclusive I actually want is gears 3 and I'll also be getting portal 2 when it comes out

l_P_Freely2756d ago

Gawd friggin damn you Xbox loyalist have friggin flawed logic....why would you buy multiple consoles when you only need to buy 1 console, when the other console has no exclusive content for the core.

you guys argue that multiplats are better on xbox but dont you guys get it. that PC had dominated that realm for ages. If you buy a ps3 and have a ok running current gen hardware (dual core,9800gt and above gpu) You will find out you don't need an Xbox period.

Sony is running the show now for exclusives so you Xbox loyalist should know when to STFU.

There is nothing i repeat NOTHING is left for the core audience on Xbox to live on, other than LIVE.


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Ahasverus2756d ago

Do you realise probably most of Xbox360 owners don't care neither about what MS does or doesn't for them? Some are pretty happy with what they get and that's fine, it's not that they NEED Uncharted to live

Blaze9292756d ago

Bubbles to you! Omg this! This os what the ps3 fanbase can't seem to understand for some reason. One Halo/Gears and a bunch of multiplatforms are mote than enough forth 360 audience to stay happen.

I don't see any 360 owner complaining about anything except paying for xbox live as it's always been. They don't need 30 exclusives in a year to be happy. Their wallets won't. That's why ps3 game sales start off so damn low.

Corepred42756d ago

Lol what a change. I remember before stealing exclusive games from Sony used to be all the rage! lmao now its: who cares, we're okay with just halo/gears.

ToastyMcNibbles2756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )

Bubbles to you! Omg this!

palaeomerus2756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )

Most of those "stolen exclusives" weren't actually ever exclusive on PS3. They went multiplat this gen. Likewise a lot of the 360 exclusives were "timed". So why care about exclusives? Third party exclusives are nearly dead. Very few remain and many of them are kind of minor like 3D.Heroes.

First party exclusives these days are either huge like GT5, Decent like Resistance, awesome like Uncharted, meh like Modnation Racers, rather disappointing like Motorstorm Apocalypse, or sad and vile cheapo shovel-ware shit, like Move heroes. It's a very mixed bag.

I'd rather have Skyrim, and Mass Effect 2, any PS3 exclusive right now, and I'd rather have Brink, Red Faction Armageddon, Duke Nukem 3D, F.3.A.R., and Rage than most of them.

That's just how I'm going to spend my money this year. I bought KZ3 which goes in the decent column. I will probably buy Resistance 3 and Gears of War this year. I will wait to buy Uncharted 3 and inFamous 2 probably until the lull in next year to get a lower price on them. I'm just not as interested in them.

And like was said earlier, if we care so much WHY DO YOU complain about it instead of us? We have lots of multiplats.(Both groups) Most are more exciting than the exclusives right now, and more likely to get bought by more people. So who cares about this supposed "travesty", except you? I'm going to have lots of games to play either way.

The Iron Sheik2756d ago

Any way you 360 guys try to justify it you are all basically saying that you are ok with fewer choices than PS3 owners. Bottom line.

Aarix2756d ago

29 disagrees? You Fanboys better have the balls to tell him why he's wrong. Right now

Redgehammer2756d ago

It does not bother me to pay for XBL. I find it to be a very stable service, that took all of what I loved about PC gaming, got rid of all I that I disliked, and put it into an affordable system, and service. Also why would I care if Sony has more exclusives in 2011, did any of you PS3 fans care that the xbox had more in 2010?

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JudgeDredd2756d ago

business is business, doesn't matter how you look at it. each company has to make profit to continue making future projects for us. they bring it, we pay.

moparful992756d ago

So you'd rather be force fed uber causual kinect games that most of the userbase has not desire for to justify microsoft staying in the video game business even if it means you won't be seeing any exclusive high end content?? Wow yet sony gets reamed a new one for petty stuff while continually pumping out AAA exclusives... This just Gen just keeps getting weirder....

palaeomerus2756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )

Most Sony exclusives are NOT AAA. They don't have the big budgets or the big promotion that goes with that. Sorcery is not AAA. Move Heroes is NOT AAA. Even inFamous is more of an A game than an AAA because Sucker Punch is not a huge company. Some of the AAA games like Killzone 3 are fairly short, corny, and have forgettable characters which is why they end up hanging at 84 on metacritic implying that they did not exactly change the world of gaming.

The few that are AAA generally are not super popular even when they do get a strong critical reception. The big multiplats are generally bigger in both demand and impact. Often they are just better games. That's why they are so huge.

Deal with it.

Raf1k12756d ago

@ palaeomerus, you do realise that the definition of AAA has changed this gen don't you? It doesn't quite mean what it used to since people use it simply for hype now as is the case with 'exclusive'. How many games have we had this year that were 'exclusive' and still found on another platform?

moparful992756d ago

@palaeomerus Wow since when does a company have to be a conglomerate like ea or activision to have AAA games??? I could care less what your opinion of ps3 exclusives are it doesn't change the fact that they are high profile games that generally all sell well above a million copies..

Redgehammer2756d ago

What justifies MS staying in the video game business is the fact that it has earned its place at the table. I will not be force fed anything I do not want to consume.

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