Anonymous Admits Attacking PSN "Not a Good Idea," Scales Back Ops

Anonymous has stated that they will scale back their attacks on Sony for the time being, if only to save face with angry consumers.

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TotalPS3Fanboy2808d ago (Edited 2808d ago )

Dropping this whole thing.

DoctorFell2808d ago

Seems like they've backed themselves into a corner. I give them two days to figure out a ploy to save face and escape out the back door.

alien6262808d ago

finally they see the picture they not hurting sony they are hurting the consumers

sashimi2808d ago

Anon are a pretty stupid group, who didn't see this coming? serisouly

Sarcasm2808d ago (Edited 2808d ago )

lol So by being Anti-Sony they've pretty much made the legitimate consumers Anti-them and now in which instead of being supported by the gamers they are hated by the people they are supposedly out to defend.

Seriously... a 9 year old could have figured this out from the beginning. Who's running this group?

And I hope this doesn't go so bad that someone actually gets hurt or killed especially since people's children are being involved.

nnotdead2808d ago


no one runs the group. just a bunch of random people on the net fighting for cause they believe in. some of their causes are better than other though.

going after Sony for trying to protect what they own isn't a good cause.

attacking a 13 year old girl for making a shitty song, another bad cause.

trying to defend the rights of whistle blowers, good cause.

anon fighting for net neutrality is another good cause.

SiLeNt KNighT2808d ago

Looks like their attacking black ops now!! theres a bunch of glitchers and the lag makes it unplayable!! ... ..

wait a sec... its always been like that?

evrfighter2808d ago (Edited 2808d ago )

"Anonymous is on your side, standing up for your rights. We are not aiming to attack customers of Sony. This attack is aimed solely at Sony, and we will try our best to not affect the gamers, as this would defeat the purpose of our actions. If we did inconvenience users, please know that this was not our goal."

well done Anon like I said before the robin hood of our times. Can't wait to see what they have in store for Sony.


AyeGee2808d ago


Finally.. someone who knows their stuff. Take notes people, i been following Anonymous' attacks for quite some time now. They're not bad people.. but they're not good people either. Buncha randoms coming together for a cause.. because when we see things happening in the world, we feel powerless to do something about it.. as a group, we can fight. That is what Anonymous is all about.. hope i cleared some things up for some of you guys.

As for this whole Anon vs. Sony? Stupid.. even stupider are the demands. Obviously they're the PS3 jailbreakers coming together.

AyeGee2808d ago


I'm online right now playing Homefront.. i think the attack has been over, try restarting your modem or something.

HSx92808d ago

Actually, it cost sony Thousands, perhaps millions to keep up their servers running online, taking it down for just an hour makes them lose money, because they are paying money while they're servers are down, which would be annoying to anybody, especially if you have millions of customers on that service, it really affects them no matter how you put it.

Winter47th2808d ago

Why isn't Sony taking action against this terrorist?

badz1492808d ago

...if you could please BACK OFF PERMANENTLY!

wsoutlaw872808d ago

haha earlier today they were talking about all that they had planned for tonight and that it was their main focus and they aren't afraid of the defense sony hired. Now after nothing happened like they said it would its because they wanted to be nice? haha im sure.

captain-obvious2808d ago

they are talking like they did some serious damage

try harder next time

MmaFan-Qc2808d ago Show
ct032808d ago

Do you even realize how silly it is to assume an *anonymous* group wants to "save face"?

The article uses the same moronic idiom. Reading the quote however, you'll realize that the group itself never talks about "saving face", for obvious reasons.

DoctorFell2808d ago

@CT03 Man, you really stuck it to us, semantically speaking. Congratulations!

R0me2808d ago

Well read the article and the other article about Prolexic. Now count 1+1 together, they are frustrated, but they dont want to admit it. No, they just say we are on the side of gamers. Hahahaha, thats why they earlier spoke about "colleteral damage". Hypocrites.

HolyOrangeCows2807d ago

I think they remembered that a lot of internet folk love their vidya gaemz. Annoying them isn't going to help your cause.

DaTruth2807d ago

Even if they've angered the consumers and set them against themselves, any damage caused to PS3 owners and Sony will line up a legion of 360 fanboy support!

I know the discontinuation of your XBOX and probably DreamCast before that sucked, but you guys just got to let it go already! The PS3 is obviously not gonna die and a rapidly declining 2 million console(however many are replacements) lead is nothing to brag about, especially with a 1.5 year extra on the market!

JackBNimble2807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )

Not only did they piss off the EVIL Sony corp, but thay pissed off sony customers!
I think the only people on Anon side are fellow hackers and thieves.

Anon will never have my support...

I hope Geohot gets accused of being apart of Anon.... I hope they string him up.Either way Anon fucked Geohots case royally.

By the way.... I haven't been able to log on the psn for the last 13.5 hours now.

DragonKnight2807d ago

As I have said, Anon are more akin to mosquitoes than bees. Nothing more than an annoying nuisance when compared to the millions of people they pissed off. Trust in the fact that millions of angry consumers will be able to do more than a comparatively small group of annoying 16-21 year old basement dwellers with too much time on their hands.

ravinash2807d ago

If you want to defend the rights of gamers, let them nail Geohot (Or what ever his name is).

He's managed to do more damage gamers enjoyment than anyone.

Protect and stand behind the people who make the good games and they will continue to make good games.
Steal codes and try to rip them off and the developers will more games.

NiKK_4192807d ago

So which is it? In the other article I just read it said that they didn't do anything to PSN

JD_Shadow2807d ago

Yeah, because it's an absolute fact that Hotz did anything unlawful, right?

Jesus, people, THINK before you fucking TYPE and act like complete jackasses and embarrass the rest of us gamers that can act like adults. This is not hard!

IcarusOne2807d ago Show
DragonKnight2807d ago

@darkpower: Alright, since you're a lawyer, what do you think taken stolen keys and distributing online is? Yeah, that's perfectly legal stuff right there. *rolls eyes*

Seriously? You're on GeoHot's side? You think he's contributed anything to anyone besides pirates and hackers? I don't know about you, but he certainly hasn't helped me out at all.

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kagon012808d ago

Remember, that there are individuals that want drama from the consumers...

lil Titan2808d ago

all they will be doing is pissing millions of gamers off if they touch the online community

SoapShoes2808d ago

We should ban all anonymous discussion on N4G. It just gives them what they want, which is publicity. They don't give a rip about anyone.

WharenPeace2807d ago

What more can you expect from wannabe tinpot dictators? They ramble on about protecting "our freedom" yet, when criticised they act like a juvenile mob, lashing out at everything in their path. I said it earlier, they have already lost the battle on this one, because unlike their other major and publicised operations (like clambake and Payback), here they inconvenienced gamers and consumers, and much like anonymous, the general public do not forgive nor forget (when slighted), once you step over that line and become an inconvenience, your stocks plummet.... and your support goes out the window.

If you really view them critically, what have they even accomplished with Payback? Visa and mastercard are still here. There has been no overhaul of banking laws, and in fact, I still have to pay monthly minimum amounts to visa (shakes fist at sky). What about Clambake? Scientology still exists, and those that were prosecuted for DDOS attacks against the Xenu-nuts had to pay hefty fines to Scientology-related charities... and they went to jail). So I come back to the question, what have they really ... accomplished...?

I guess I have to give them my thumbs up for uncovering and releasing that video with Tom Cruise ranting like a lunatic about OT levels, and they did release some damning stuff on Scientology, but for those that have been following Scientology and their antics for years, that was old news. BUT... regardless, Scientology is still here. It's still operating.

I fully support activism, and getting your hands dirty on causes, after all where would South Africa be without Nelson Mandela, or the US without the Boston Tea Party, or India without Ghandi (practically giving the British the middle finger whenever he could), but in the great scheme of things, will history remember Anonymous? With tyrannies falling like flies in 2011, Libya thrust into a civil war, and Gaddafi hanging onto his reign by his finger tips, the question remains, how relevant is Anonymous? Supporters will claim that Anon was instrumental in regime change in Egypt, but who was on the ground fighting Muburak's armies? Anon members? No, Egyptians..young and old. To lay claim to being solely responsible for Egypt liberating itself is just poor in my eyes. Anon did a wonderful job bringing down the Egyptian government's ISPs but did that win the war?

Hubris, my friends it brings down even the greatest hero, and I see that arrogance in Anonymous. Anon is riding high on successful attacks on HBGary, and let's be honest, HBGary probably deserved it (for taunting Anon), but they're also linked to the government and Anon caused them an embarrassment. More importantly it validated Barr's claims that Anon is a threat. In the short term, Anon "gets the lulz" but in the greater scheme of things, the slow arm of the law is circling the wagons.

I'll admit, and it may seem hypocritical but I still like the idea of Anonymous. As a grassroots activist group they have more power than any NGO can ever dream of, yet owing to how Anon operates, it gets wasted on soft targets like 11 year old girls or video game companies.

Just my two cents!

Treyb3yond2807d ago

Us Brits lifted India up, we gave them cricket!! ;-p

Seriously though, we civilised most of the world.

Sugreev20012807d ago

At least they admit that they were being stupid

gamingdroid2807d ago

Yeah, I got to respect Anonymous for that one. They admitted their wrongdoings once they realized it and stopped. Essentially put out a public apology!

Can't say the same for Sony legally stealing an advertised feature!!!

DragonKnight2807d ago

@gamingdroid: Waiting on that photo or link to a Sony advertisement that features OtherOS.

So, as they say, Link or GTFO.

You never used OtherOS, so stop PMS'ing (sorry ladies) over something you don't care about until it's gone.

gamingdroid2806d ago (Edited 2806d ago )

Because I don't use something isn't a legitimate reason to remove it! Regardless, you wouldn't know!!!

Other OS is described in the manual:

Sony Executive touting the Linux feature back in 2006:

Need I say more?

OhMyGandhi2807d ago

for some reason I can't play for more than 10 minutes the beta of Socom 4...nevermind, it' the games fault.

ps3destroyer2807d ago

Your username says it all.

modest-genius2807d ago

161 Agrees, 21 disagrees.

There it is.

We the consumers do not want your 'help.' We want you to leave Sony alone so they can spend less time dealing with this crap and more time and resources improving our products e.g PSN, Games.

CryofSilence2807d ago

On our side? Right... Anonymous is closer to my enemy than my advocate. If they want to just make the whole "relationship" disappear, they should stop all action against Sony.

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LordStig2808d ago

yea that's right Anon, tuck those balls in between your legs and keep them there don't let them hang out again.

Dart892808d ago

God i hate that person in you're avatar.

Figboy2808d ago

what balls? you're assuming they had any to begin with.

anyway, this is just fricking hilarious.

they thought the people were going to stand by them and fight "teh evil Sony," but instead, they managed to inconvenience a LOT of legitimate PS3 owners for their crusade, and they lost more support than they expected to.

i imagine this whole debacle to fizzle out in a few weeks.

Anon really barked up the wrong tree. people are willing to support your cause as long as THEY aren't being inconvenienced by the whole thing.

not being able to access PSN and other Sony sites wasn't what any of the consumer rights advocates signed for.

the irony, is that Anon was fighting for Sony denying PS3 owners the right to use their console as they wished, by denying PS3 owners the right to use their console as they wished (as in, accessing the PSN).

Sony isn't suing people for hacking their consoles. Sony is suing GEOHOTZ, for spreading the PS3 encryption keys, and then releasing a non-licensed firmware to the masses via the internet. this has NOTHING to do with consumer rights. we are still free to hack our consoles, but we have to accept that by doing so, we have given up our privilege to use the PSN and it's services (that includes buying games from the PS Store and playing games online).

people seem to think that it's going to set some kind of precedent, when the DMCA laws that Sony are using to fight GeoHotz have been in effect for a LONG TIME NOW. you don't agree with the DMCA, then you fight IT, and through proper legal channels, not immature guerrilla tactics trying to bully your point into the other side.

i'm content to use my PS3 as intended. i understand that others are not.

i also find it interesting that one of the first things that these noble homebrew creators did with custom firmware was figure out workarounds for people to access the PSN until Sony blocked them. then they'd just work on new workarounds.

what happened to "just wanting to run homebrew, i don't care about PSN?" *proceeds to use DNS hacks to access PSN and the PS Store*

what happened to "we don't WANT to pirate games, we just want to backup the games we own." *proceed to upload numerous torrents of various PS3 titles, despite not having a means to run them on the custom firmware yet*

why is it that when Other OS was a feature of the PS3, did hackers like GeoHotz persist in finding exploits and loopholes that would allow them to access the ENTIRE PS3 system, without Linux? GeoHotz was trying to get into the Hypervisor, and that's why Sony ultimately removed the feature. it was becoming to cost heavy to keep releasing new firmwares that patched security holes, and kept Other OS compatible with the other PS3 features.

No matter how you slice it, GeoHotz has been at the center of this whole mess, even BEFORE Sony sued them.

They tried to play nice with hackers by having Other OS as a feature in the FIRST PLACE, and people like GeoHotz weren't content with that. they just HAD to have more, then BOAST about their progress, then WHINE, cry, and beg for donations when they are called to task for some of their shadier tactics (not the hacking, but the disseminating of critical PS3 information that blew the doors open on the console).

ziggurcat2808d ago

this is one of the most insightful things i've read on this website. kudos to you!

DoctorFell2808d ago

Yes. A thousand times yes.

Budda2808d ago (Edited 2808d ago )

well said figboy,

Looking at the pattern of the whole fiasco Sony has all right to protect their brand and product from a gaping whole that GEOHOT caused. and u said it nicely... bubbles to you.

so much for anonymous saying "the worst is yet to come" bunch of idiots...

DEagle-izer2808d ago

I don't even know you and I have the utmost respect for you. Reading that essay you typed was well worth it!

Shadow Flare2808d ago

You summed up the whole problem with this hacking issue in one comment, accurately and intelligently. Well done figboy

TBM2808d ago

best comment ever bubs to you

JackBNimble2807d ago

very well said... bubs my friend

The most intelligent explantion about this whole mess that I have ever read.

Prototype2807d ago

I've read it, and I'm one of those people who talked a lot about what you posted but the majority will only believe what they wanna hear instead of facts.

After all this garbage between fanboy wars and anon "Fighting for a greater cause" it led me to believe all this is not worth the headache - I guarantee a lot of legit gamers are probably gonna find another hobby or stick to offline gaming for a while because of the damage done. It's no longer about gaming, its about gamer politics.

Figboy2807d ago

Thanks guys! I really appreciate you all taking the time to read my epic post!

I didn't even want to get involved in this whole Geohotz bs, but his behavior, and the torrent of misinformation and FUD being thrown about across the net is just too much to ignore.

We don't know how this is going to play out, but I don't think the situation is going to affect the general PS3 user population in any way, and even those wanting to hack their PS3s will be free to do so, as long as they aren't violating any copyrights by spreading vital PS3 security features across the net.

The DMCA is imperfect, but it IS the law as it stands at this point in time. We can try to get things changed by supporting organizations like the EFF, and not immature "kids with computers" like Geohotz and Anonymous.

Until a judge actually makes a decision either way, I think it's more helpful to hold off on "fighting the power."

Hell, Geohotz could have WON this case, but I think his own actions, as well as the actions of Anonymous have undermined any chance he may have had.

I'm usually all for the little guy battling the big corporation, but in this case, I think Sony is actually in the right to protect their investments, and they are actually using the LAW to do so. I don't see any shady tactics going on from either Sony's lawyers, OR Geo's lawyers. So far, only Anonymous seems to have gotten dirty in this whole mess.

Whenever Sony's lawyers or Geo's lawyers tried any questionable tactics, the judge would shoot it down (like limiting the IP address information to only the lawyers of each side in order to establish jurisdiction).

I'll be glad with this crap is over with, that's for sure. I just want to enjoy my console without fear of not being able to access services I paid for (like Netflix and Hulu on the PS3), because of people like Anon.

insomnium22807d ago

Such a great post figboy. So sincere and truthfull.

texaswolfsrain2807d ago

Well said Figboy, much props from Dallas Tx....

forcefullpower2807d ago

Nice to see someone that actually has been pay attention to the facts and not the half truths people seem to stand by.

Oner2807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )

As always Fig your words describe situations like this so truthfully, eloquently and effectively. ANYONE who wants to actually LEARN about the reality of the situation and how it ACTUALLY is WITHOUT misinformation and bias should read and RE-read this again and again to grasp some understanding.

The greatest part about all of this Fig is how "the usuals" have ABSOLUTELY no comment or valid response to dispute ANYTHING you said because it cannot be refuted. It's 100% factual and I love that it stupefies fanboys/trolls into silence. Putting them in their place with proper information and finesse. +Intelligent & Agree 1000%. Excellent post Fig...down right phenomenal!

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RememberThe3572808d ago

This sounds like it was the OG showing up and telling the youngins to back off. All this time we've had this feeling that it was a childish, teen angst, kind of approach to this whole thing. Now we get this, which is much more subdued and respectful.

I just has a completely different feel to it.

JudgeDredd2808d ago

so they finally figured attacking peoples service was a bad idea. I don't doubt they read a few comments from angry gamers. anonymous, think about the consequences in disrupting people's service. Don't Let It Happen Again!

plb2808d ago (Edited 2808d ago )

If they ever get caught they are screwed that is why. Nothing to do with pleasing gamers. Pretty sure you can get charged for downtime. Eg if psn make a certain amount of money over a period of time say $1 million they'd have to repay that which I doubt any of these guys could afford. Geohot can't even afford legal fees how could any of these guys repay Sony for a downed service that brings in millions.