The Awkward And Misogynist Lowlights From Indie Developer Reality Show ‘The Next Game Boss’

Earlier this year, game web site IGN opened its doors to a batch of small, independent developers, giving them an opportunity of a lifetime: to appear on a reality show and potentially embarrass themselves on camera with quickly conceptualized and cringe-worthy game concepts.

The clear winner in terms of possible embarrassment is Team Runt with its evil creation, Mistress Emasculate, an angry menopausal woman leading a feminist army in control of the European Union. Here's the description of their game, Feminist Apocalypse.

"Once nearly all of the men are subdued in labor camps, the world is out of control. Without the help of men, women can't handle nature and nature begins to over power them. Their biological clocks are ticking, afterall," the game concept reads. "Women launch nuclear weapons to destroy nature."

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