$299.99 bundle revealed for Dirt 3

GameStop has revealed an expensive $299.99 bundle for the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of the upcoming racing game from Codemasters, Dirt 3.

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BattleAxe2571d ago

I know, I'd rather buy the new Commodore 64 which starts at around $250.00

Bull5hifT2571d ago

Couldnt you DL an Emulator, for 0 cents? AnyWays id only Buy This if it Were Gas cause id used to have to Charge my MonSter Truck for 4 hours to get 15 Minutes of Awesomeness, hmm im gonna go see if its in the RV

shaun mcwayne2571d ago

id probably play with the rc car more than id play the game.

NYC_Gamer2571d ago

how really?the ps3 120gb&360 with the hard drive are the same price without anything

PS3Freak2571d ago

Yeah, I don't see how this is considered anymore expensive than usual.

pacosanchez882571d ago

...because this doesnt come with a ps3 or a 360, it comes with an RC car

zeksta2571d ago

NYC, I believe you didn't read the article, and have just been owned.

MrBeatdown2571d ago

I'll wait for a pre-owned one. Only $295!

2571d ago
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