SOCOM 4 - Third Person Battlefield 3

NextGN writes: "After playing through the SOCOM 4 campaign twice, I noticed something very interesting. This game feels like a third person version of Battlefield 3. Yeah, that’s right–if SOCOM 4 was a first person shooter it could be considered a Battlefield game."

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DarkSharky2806d ago

Wow. A lot of haters here commenting that haven't even tried the campaign in SOCOM 4. This guy seems to have tried both Battlefield 3 and SOCOM 4 so I would take his word over the majority of N4G users.

Also, if you look at gameplay videos on YouTube... they actually do look a lot a like.

I am at least going to give this game a chance. If it sucks, then I can always trade it...

LittleBigHalo2806d ago

Seriously... why does this article upset so many people. Majority of you here have only seen youtube videos of Battlefield and you are already calling it GoTY.

I mean, it is a little pathetic, honestly. This is a mild case of fanboyism. At least give the game a chance instead of acting like babies when someone expresses their opinion on both titles.

Honestly, yeah, it looks great! Can't wait... but I am not going to get upset when someone compares Battlefield to another game. Is it because it's a PS3 exclusive? Is that the problem?

wwm0nkey2806d ago

The game isnt like Battlefield at all I am going to LOVE Socom 3 but to say its a 3rd person Battlefield...thats just not smart at all...

wwm0nkey2806d ago

Crap I put Socom 3 didnt I? lol

seriously though guys the game isnt like Battlefield, its it bad? Hell no its amazing, but its just isnt like Battlefield.

Flashwave_UK2806d ago

yeah you played bf3 you fkn troll how can you say its not like bf3 if you havent played bf3

wwm0nkey2806d ago

lol says the guy with 1 bubble.

Also its a Battlefield game Socom and Battlefield are 2 different types of games, both good games but both completely different.

ultimate-remag2806d ago

definately pickin this up!!!!!

Shok2806d ago


Primetimebt2806d ago (Edited 2806d ago )

The title is wrong battlefield feels like Socom a game. Socom series is alot older than battlefield series. The only thing Battlefield took from Socom is the epic PS2 lag the old socom use to have.

BiggCMan2806d ago

Socom and Battlefield started around the same time man.

Primetimebt2806d ago

sorry I was too busy playing socom on the ps2 to realize Socom was a month older than battlefield 1942.

MGRogue20172806d ago (Edited 2806d ago )

Socom 4 is going to be a fun game, for sure.. but it's not up to Battlefield 3's standards.. or even MW3 for that matter..

Battlefield 3 just reeks of quality & hype.

Daver2806d ago

what do you know so far about MW3?

49erguy2806d ago

I agree, minus the inevitable rehash that is MW3. Battlefield 3 will shit all over Socom 4. I'm in the beta and it's not bad, but there's nothing there to make me want to buy it either.

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