Minecraft Brings in $33 Million in Revenue

There was no way that anyone could of predicted how much of a success Minecraft would be, especially since the game isn’t even done yet! How successful was it? Well Notch released some sales numbers and after some basic math the total revenue that the game brought in equals about $33 MILLION.

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Wenis2442d ago

Deserves every penny... we need more indie developers like this who focus on making a fun game rather than pretty graphics and a wannabe-hollywood storyline.

BuckenBerry2442d ago

I agree I can't get enough of this game!

Bull5hifT2442d ago (Edited 2442d ago )

Enough, Blocks, everytime i see pics i want to play a little more of my 3D Dot Game Heros/Zelda or play somthing Blocky on my N64 Emulator

evrfighter2442d ago (Edited 2442d ago )



ONE GUY made this game. He has a couple more workers now. But in a time where Publishers/Developers are trying to use big budget as a means to nickel and dime everywhere

Notch is a HUGE slap in their face.

the appeal to this game is limited by your imagination. If you find the game boring then simply put. Your creative process has long since been severed.

HATE5062442d ago

ONE GUY... copy/pasted infiniminer

nickjkl2442d ago

@evr you must be new to gaming publishers always used big budgets its nothing new

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maxmill2442d ago

Can sumone explain the appeal of this game? being serious


GrilledCheeseBook2442d ago

think of something to make then obsess with completing it, then obsess with topping it or improving it

You start and then it's hard to stop. Like Civ games and the good ol' one more turn trap.

Bull5hifT2442d ago (Edited 2442d ago )

Second life, Farmville, Runscape, There, in 2 years this will be something like that .... I have a pretty powerfull Laptop' is it to late to try out this FAD ?

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