The Overseas Connection Podcast #110

The Overseas Connection, the official Community podcast, rambles on for another video game podcast. Join Murphys Law, Skulduggerer, CPM1376 and ChinnChinny as they comment on this weeks gaming news, new releases, community feedback and another listener quiz.

Topics Covered this week:

■What new game genre / IP would you like to see?
■The hacker group Annonymous takes aim at Sony.
■Stepto comments on hacked Xbox Live profile.
■New Xbox Dev Kits are more powerful and cheaper too.
■Next Black Ops DLC revealed?
■Sony UK boss departs for higher calling.
■Austrailia in danger of going back to the drawing board on R18+ rating.
■Japan Earthquake may effect some NGP allocation for launch.
■Max Payne 3 is real, not its not, yes it is… we think.
■Forza 4 video fools all on April 1st by being legit.
■Alan Wake 2 rumored to be in developement.
■Bioware showing the love for Dragon Age 2 purchasers.
■Next EA Basketball Sim due out in …. 2012?
■We discuss the new

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